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It is difficult to imagine the arsenal of a modern gardener without special mechanisms (gasoline and electric tools) in order to simplify and optimize the work in a garden. A gardener won’t do without tools for work with the soil, for pruning and caring for trees and bushes, lawn care, without buckets, watering cans and other necessary things. In other words, you need to have “right” gardening tools to care for. There is a certain set of specialized tools, the types and quantity of which is determined by each gardener individually, based on personal needs and preferences. A complete set can be very diverse, we recommend remembering the main thing: manual garden tools should be extremely reliable and of high quality.

Various accessories for garden and kitchen garden are used to facilitate the work in a school garden both for amateurs, and professionals. It is difficult to imagine caring for branches and shoots without such convenient and reliable tools as loppers and pruners.

Modern garden tools are divided into several types. There are tools to work with soil (a variety of tools for removing weeds, loosening, digging and raking – pitchforks, saps, rakes, shovels, etc.), to work with plants (pruning, shearing, removing shoots and care for the crown – as, for example, pruning shears, garden scissors and loppers, hacksaws and saws), power tools, such as lawn mowers, tillers and chainsaws (they are simply irreplaceable in cases where it is necessary to perform a large amount of work when it is impossible to cope manually), equipment for irrigation works (irrigation hoses, buckets and watering cans), wheelbarrows, as well as all sorts of related tools, for example, stairs, nets and tools for knitting lumps.


Garden tool reliability


It is also important to pay attention to the reliability of tools – its quality determines the durability and service life. The quality of the metal cutting parts of a tool is the main criterion for selection. The same applies to garden tools for working with soil. The polypropylene covering of a shaft or handles of garden tools is also very convenient – it interferes with sliding and is easily cleaned.

Good garden equipment is of paramount importance for a gardener. A quality tool will not only greatly facilitate the work in a garden, but will also allow you to work more efficiently, saving energy, health and free time, and will help to get real pleasure from work.

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