A change in a label will not change drug’s harmful affects

Dr. Alise Reicin, vice president of Merck’s clinical research made an incredible comment during recent testimony in a Vioxx trial. The federal trial involving the makers of the drug, Merk, has outside consultants pitted against company representatives regarding opinions of whether the drug should have been removed from the market for inducing heart attacks. ”The overwhelming majority thought we should have Vioxx on the market but change the label; we elected to be very conservative and take Vioxx off the market,” Reicin testified, adding that she still does not believe Vioxx causes heart attacks.

That statement in likely of little comfort to Evelyn Irvin Plunkett who is suing the drug maker over her husband’s death. Richard ”Dicky” Irvin died in 1991 after taking the drug for only one month.

There was evidence that Vioxx caused heart attacks long before it was marketed to the public. The fact that Dr. Reicin can make such a statement is a stunning example of just how greedy large drug companies have become.