About HIC

It started with curiosity & concern

Although we’ve really started up as a business more recently, yet we’ve been around for so much longer than that. I’ve been working on these recipes and ingredients for as a long as my children have been around and I realised like all mothers just how much they love chocolate and I have always wondered why we deny them what they so love?

Study & research

And as I traveled around the world I saw that some really healthy people are neither afraid nor out of balance about chocolate, they enjoy it and it works well for them… and that made me want to do some research on the benefits of chocolate myself and believe me there is quite a sizable list of Health benefits in a chocolate.

Sharing with the world

And so we really do wish to share all these great concoctions and recipes that can make a chocolate truly wholesome and healthy – and thats why Health in a Chocolate !!! So the next time you eat Chocolate, you can eat it with absolutely no underlying worry about weight, health or tooth decay, in fact you might find that with all of these concerns at bay you will probably for the first time in many years Really really enjoy a chocolate completely!

Health Benefits

AT HIC We Know That Health Is Everyone’s Concern And We Promote Healthier Choices Everytime …Studies Show That Eating A Small Amount Of Dark Chocolate Two Or Three Times Each Week Can Help Lower Your Blood Pressure. Dark Chocolate Improves Blood Flow And May Help Prevent The Formation Of Blood Clots. Eating Dark Chocolate May Also Prevent Arteriosclerosis (Hardening Of The Arteries).

At HIC Each Chocolate Is Made With Years Of Thought, Love And Experience To Ensure That You Get The Maximum Benefit Of Chocolate In Each Bite!!! So The Next Time You’re Looking For A Healthy Snack – Think About Some Dark Chocolate…
Enjoy All The Antioxidant Properties That Nature Has Wrapped Into Chocolate So Perfectly And Add To Your Youth And Happiness Quotient…

The Reason Why Cocoa And Dark Chocolate Pack Such A Punch Is Because The Antioxidants Are So Concentrated. Antioxidants Help Free Your Body Of Free Radicals, Which Cause Oxidative Damage To Cells. Free Radicals Are Implicated In The Aging Process And May Be A Cause Of Cancer, So Eating Antioxidant Rich Foods Like Dark Chocolate Can Protect You From Many Types Of Cancer And Slow The Signs Of Aging.

For that special occasion

We all have those special occasions or may be some one special. For those special moments and people we would love to create something different and memorable for you to box up these healthy treats in.We have a team of associates that will work on a package concpet that is specially for you or may be for that spcecial wedding or anniversary that means so much to you.

Ofcourse Diwali, Ganpati, Christmas, we have endless reasons to celebrate in India
So add that color, idea and that special touch to your invitations or announcements or celebrations with a spceially done chocolate box… We can also use custom ingredients and moulds to make it that much more exclusive and memorable for you!!! So just call and let’s talk about it :-)

Ordering and stocking

While your orders are welcome at any time and for all occasions and reasons and we do keep ourselves marginally well stocked almost always, yet we hope that you can give us a few days to deliver the order.Our chocolates are created from scratch and the ingredients are always fresh and we choose to keep it that way, which is why we need that extra time and we don’t retail for the same reason.

Please note that HIC is really custom made and home made, fresh and healthy chocolate, the chocolates must be consumed within a week’s time and orders must be placed in advance so we can give you the best home made chocolates.
Call us 3 days in advance for a minimum order of upto 2 kg’s