Cost of Hair Removal in a Laser Clinic

We all like to get rid of unwanted hair, and Laser Hair Removal is one way to do that. Laser Clinics are the best places to have this done. Laser Hair removal is very popular because it is safe and fast and after several treatments it results in permanent removal for ingrown hair.  It was originally only able to remove dark hair from fair people but with new technology people with darker skin are now able to be treated as well.  Research is being done in the hope that light hairs will be able to be treated too.

How laser hair removal works is that the laser targets the melanin (dark pigment) in the hair and by doing this destruction of the hair follicle is possible. The melanin in the skin may also absorb the laser which may cause skin damage. This can be limited by ice cooled gel packs and other devices.

There are things that can be done before your treatment at the laser clinic to help it be more effective. Six weeks before treatment avoid all hair removal except shaving. Avoid exposure to the sun on the sites that are to be treated.

Cost is a major issue when deciding whether or not to get laser hair removal.  Costs for laser treatment will vary from clinic to clinic depending on package, area of the body, and length of time taken for treatment.  It will also vary according to the amount of hair you are having removed.  Pricing structures will vary from clinic to clinic but the base quotes should still be the same.  Pricing structures will include:

  • Flat fee: laser hair removal prices are sometimes made on a flat fee basis. For instance all men’s back hair removal could be one flat fee no matter how much hair you have removed.
  • Time: charge per 15 minute segment of laser hair removal similar to electrolysis pricing.  For example, if a treatment takes an hour at $100 per 15 mins then the treatment would cost $400; of course this price will be affected by the amount of hair and the speed of the technician, and the speed of the laser as well.
  • Fee per pulse: can be charged based on the number of pulses it takes to complete an area.  An area may cost $300 based on a minimum charge of $150, which would include the first 150 pulses plus $1 per pulse thereafter.

So if you want to have laser hair removal done do your research on Laser Clinics in your area and see what their pricing structures are before you make an appointment.