Do I have Tonsil Stones or Strep Throat

If you throat has been sore for a little more than a week now, it’s most likely not because the changing of the season. You may even think it’s just your sinuses acting up. Is your throat hurting now? Maybe it’s even been getting worse as each day passes and the pain feels like daggers being shoved into the back of your mouth. Ouch!!

Like most people you may be seeking answers from your friends, family and co-workers. Curious if you have strep? Most will tell you to check your throat and what it looks like. It’s sound advice, but what does it mean when you take a look and find a mass of whitish bumps and strings all over your both of your tonsils?

There are a few possible conditions you may be exposed to: As always, consult with your doctor.

Tonsil Stones (Tonsilloliths):

Tonsil stones are a lot more chronic. Individuals with tonsil stones have a challenging time removing them. And being offered antiboiotics for tonsil stones will not get clear of them.

Remedy: If you feel you have tonsil stones, wash your mouth day-to-day with mouth wash and sometimes go in the hard to reach areas with a q-tip to get those little things out. Be ready to gag a whole lot.


Tonsillitis is a swelling of the tonsils. Physicians will often suggest surgical procedure so you do not experience this once again. Nonetheless, tonsillitis will disappear with medicine. Having to have your tonsils removed has been discovered to be health care quackery. Analyze organic remedies. It’s a better option compared to taking out body parts or taking drugs with hazardous negative side effects. Tonsillitis does not mean you will get tonsil stones.

Remedy: Consult a physician and determine if a tonsillectomy is required or if prescription antibiotics will treat your problem.

Strep Throat:

The white bumps are from the infection that you have … strep. Go see your medical professional and he will certainly give you some antibiotics and after that swish with salt water for the pain relief in your throat, will help you swallow easier.

Solution: See a doctor and get some antibiotics. For a period of 10 days you will need take a pill once every 12 hours, not a big deal and the medication is cheap, under $20.