Green Tea Versus White Tea

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Literally, all people are familiar with green tea and its benefits to the health. It contains medicinal properties which are known to aid in the metabolism process, the prevention of certain cancers and other heart ailments, and of course the numerous other diseases that can cause the human body more troubles. But what about white tea? What is it all about? White tea is oftentimes compared to the green tea. Read on to discover the facts that distinguish the green tea versus white tea.

Green Tea versus White Tea

Same with green tea, white tea is also austerely processed so that its natural properties will not be lost. It is picked before the entire buds completely open. The white tea likewise still contains those white hairs in its leaves.

In contrast with green tea, white tea is endowed with a lighter and sweeter taste. But similar with that of the green tea, white tea should also be steeped into a low water temperature. The selection of white tea includes the golden moon, white peony, silver needle, and white cloud. Moreover, white tea contains a higher dose of polyphenols more than the green tea. These anti-oxidants therefore have a better capacity of protecting the health against the impeding dangers.

So, which one is a better option? Is it the green tea or the white tea? They certainly have loads of health benefits in store for its patrons. When pondering on the benefits of green tea versus white tea, it will be best to consult your health care provider.