I am slim, healthy and optimistic

I am slim, healthy and optimistic! My marriage is strong, intimate and loving. I am living healthy, exercising, slim & trim, and solely supporting myself and my family by creating my jewelry and art. I am strong, happy, healthy and financially independent. I living my dream!

I like what Kyla said:

You wrote your intention with so much passion. Strong feelings are a major ingredient to manifesting your intentions. You obviously have that part down! The next big contributor to manifesting is your strong belief that your intention is on its way. Belief is a big part… Do you truly believe it’s on its way? It sure sounds like it. Some unsolicited “advice” that helps me… If you start to lag in that belief, one of the things I find helpful is a vision board I can look at every day with pictures and words of what I want most in the world – and what I believe is on its way to me. Sounds a little corny, but it works amazingly well at keeping me going. Go for that dream! I LOVE hearing that you are living your dream! Have you watched “The Secret” or read any books on the law of attraction? Those are awesome for getting techniques on manifesting intentions… Keep dreaming, and you will be living that dream…