Dry Cough Remedies For Children

Dry cough remedies for children are very popular in these modern world. Cough is a protective phenomenon which alerts the individual about the entry of some irritate materials in the trachea that can be in the form of dust particles or some germs. Cough can be categorize in two types: dry cough and wet cough. In dry cough dust particle irritates the respiratory system without the discharge of sputum. However in wet cough sputum is released along with irritation. Coughing normally prevents children to rest peacefully. However, some treatment options are excellent to control cough.

Remedies For Children

Over the years people used various natural remedies to control dry cough in children. There are many remedies for children. All of these materials are available in our kitchen but most of us are unaware of their use. Here are some commonly used dry cough home remedies for children.

  1. Grapes. Grapes have proven highly effective in controlling dry cough among the children. Take grape juice and add few drops of honey into it and gave it to coughing children. Its one of the most potent dry cough remedies for children.
  2. Almond. This method of reducing dry cough is highly popular globally. People use it confidently as one of the dry cough remedies for children. Take seven almonds and soak them for at least eight hours. After that remove the brownish peal of almond kernels and make a paste by grinding them with water. Now add 20 grams of brown sugar and honey into it. Use one teaspoon of this paste both in the morning as well as in the evening.
  3. Mixture of honey,lemon and glycerine.It’s a very effective mixture. Take equal quantities of all the materials and mix them. Gave a teaspoon of this mixture to your child. It will eliminate dry cough instantly.
  4. Onion mixed with honey. Equal quantities of onion juice and honey are mixed and are served to a coughing baby. Although it’s a pungent material but its results are miraculous. Onion is one of the most economical dry cough remedies for children.
  5. Honey. Honey is considered as one of the ideal dry cough remedies for children. In the cough it soothens the trachea and reduces the irritation. It results into decreased incidence of dry cough as well as productive cough.

Other Alternatives

There are some other alternatives. Check out the below options:

  1. Peppermint. Its one of the best dry cough remedies for children. It reduces cough due to its soothing action. In addition it also decreases the cough reflex. Its used n the form of tea. Boil water and then add peppermint into and wait for 1 minute so that peppermint extract is obtained. Cool it properly. Give a teaspoon to your child will reduce cough. However in order to obtain an additive effect,few drops of honey can be added to it.
  2. Marshmallow roots. These roots are very famous due to their potent use as a dry cough remedy for children.Its taken in the form of tea.It is one of the most commonly used dry cough remedies for children.
  3. Reishi. If baby is suffering from asthma in addition to dry cough, reishi is an ideal choice to eliminate the signs and symptoms of dry cough and asthma.it stops dry cough by soothing the respiratory canal.This is one the least commonly used remedies.
  4. Mullein. It was used enormously in the past to reduce the incidence of dry cough but now a days its use has decreased due to its higher price and lesser availability.


There are lots of options of remedies for coughing in children out there but it is always a good practice to seek advice from doctor first before try out any of them. The remedies for children vary from area to area but remedies mentioned here are used globally.