Women need to protect hearts early in life

Despite the fact that most studies seem to focus on men’s increased risks of heart disease, women would do well to try to prevent it too. And just as drinking tons of milk during menopause probably won’t reduce your risks of osteoporosis, physicians are now telling us we need to think about our hearts early in life, too.

I don’t think I can emphasize this enough. This particular study shows that stress can reduce estrogen levels; this process contributes to “a buildup of plaque in the blood vessels.” However, the damage can be reversed by reducing stress. I wonder if this is part of the reason exercise has so many health benefits. Sometimes, I can be wound up like a top, and I need a long run to relax me just so I can function properly. I hate to think of the damage to my blood vessels if I didn’t have that.

A change in a label will not change drug’s harmful affects

Dr. Alise Reicin, vice president of Merck’s clinical research made an incredible comment during recent testimony in a Vioxx trial. The federal trial involving the makers of the drug, Merk, has outside consultants pitted against company representatives regarding opinions of whether the drug should have been removed from the market for inducing heart attacks. ”The overwhelming majority thought we should have Vioxx on the market but change the label; we elected to be very conservative and take Vioxx off the market,” Reicin testified, adding that she still does not believe Vioxx causes heart attacks.

That statement in likely of little comfort to Evelyn Irvin Plunkett who is suing the drug maker over her husband’s death. Richard ”Dicky” Irvin died in 1991 after taking the drug for only one month.

There was evidence that Vioxx caused heart attacks long before it was marketed to the public. The fact that Dr. Reicin can make such a statement is a stunning example of just how greedy large drug companies have become.

Cortisol Production and Cushing’s Hormone Disorder

Cushing’s syndrome can be a medical disorder due to hormonal dysfunction especially chronic exposure of the cells within the body to high amounts of cortisol. Cortisol is famous for adding fat in certain areas like the abdomen. Hypercortisolism typically affects individuals between 20 to 50 years old and is uncommon.

Frequent symptoms caused Cushing’s syndrome and by hypercortisolism are:

  • Weight gain especially in the abdomen
  • Full and round face, usually called moon face
  • Backache, that might be imputed to taking the weight in front that is excess
  • Head Aches
  • Skin infections that are excessive
  • Tiredness and weakness
  • Fat collection between shoulders, usually attributed as a buffalo hump
  • Stretch marks or purple stripes to the skin like abdomen, breasts and thighs
  • Thirst and urination that is increased
  • Cessation of menstrual cycle

Some individuals who take steroids like Prednisone over a long period time grow Cushing’s syndrome, while it is developed by some people due to an elevated number of cortisol being created within their bodies.

Cortisol production begins from the hypothalamus delivering a corticotropin-releasing hormone towards the pituitary gland, then your pituitary gland releases another hormone called an adrenocorticotropin hormone which stimulates the adrenal glands after which they launch the hormone cortisol in to the body. When the quantity of cortisol hormone in the bloodstream has already been standard the hypothalamus and pituitary can release quite little of these hormones, which makes sure the cortisol which is generated by the adrenals is only enough to satisfy the needs of the body rather than too large of an amount.

A tumor within the pituitary gland may be the number 1 cause for Cushing’s syndrome. Adrenal tumors are called adrenal adenomas and are generally not malignant. Cancerous tumors of the adrenal glands is more unusual.

Some tumors can occur outside the pituitary gland which can create ACTH. This disorder is known as ectopic ACTH syndrome, tumors producing this disorder could be malignant or benign.

Some people who’ve inherited disorders including increased dangers for endocrine tumors might be predisposed to build up Cushing’s syndrome, although most instances of the disorder called Cushing’s isn’t inherited.

Analyzing lab reports, the patient’s entire medical history and physical examination does diagnosing Cushing’s. Xrays of the patient’s glands like adrenal can be helpful with diagnosing and showing any tumors.

The disease connected and can also be led with Cushing’s such as cholesterol levels, diabetes, hypertension and abnormal triglycerides and polycystic ovarian disease.

Treatment is determined by the reason that may contain from removal of tumors to cortisol drugs to inhibit the creation of the hormone and caused the disorder. When the cause of Cushing’s is related to over-use of steroids like Prednisone, decrease of the drug may be enough to restrain the Cushing’s disorder.

About HIC

It started with curiosity & concern

Although we’ve really started up as a business more recently, yet we’ve been around for so much longer than that. I’ve been working on these recipes and ingredients for as a long as my children have been around and I realised like all mothers just how much they love chocolate and I have always wondered why we deny them what they so love?

Study & research

And as I traveled around the world I saw that some really healthy people are neither afraid nor out of balance about chocolate, they enjoy it and it works well for them… and that made me want to do some research on the benefits of chocolate myself and believe me there is quite a sizable list of Health benefits in a chocolate.

Sharing with the world

And so we really do wish to share all these great concoctions and recipes that can make a chocolate truly wholesome and healthy – and thats why Health in a Chocolate !!! So the next time you eat Chocolate, you can eat it with absolutely no underlying worry about weight, health or tooth decay, in fact you might find that with all of these concerns at bay you will probably for the first time in many years Really really enjoy a chocolate completely!

Health Benefits

AT HIC We Know That Health Is Everyone’s Concern And We Promote Healthier Choices Everytime …Studies Show That Eating A Small Amount Of Dark Chocolate Two Or Three Times Each Week Can Help Lower Your Blood Pressure. Dark Chocolate Improves Blood Flow And May Help Prevent The Formation Of Blood Clots. Eating Dark Chocolate May Also Prevent Arteriosclerosis (Hardening Of The Arteries).

At HIC Each Chocolate Is Made With Years Of Thought, Love And Experience To Ensure That You Get The Maximum Benefit Of Chocolate In Each Bite!!! So The Next Time You’re Looking For A Healthy Snack – Think About Some Dark Chocolate…
Enjoy All The Antioxidant Properties That Nature Has Wrapped Into Chocolate So Perfectly And Add To Your Youth And Happiness Quotient…

The Reason Why Cocoa And Dark Chocolate Pack Such A Punch Is Because The Antioxidants Are So Concentrated. Antioxidants Help Free Your Body Of Free Radicals, Which Cause Oxidative Damage To Cells. Free Radicals Are Implicated In The Aging Process And May Be A Cause Of Cancer, So Eating Antioxidant Rich Foods Like Dark Chocolate Can Protect You From Many Types Of Cancer And Slow The Signs Of Aging.

For that special occasion

We all have those special occasions or may be some one special. For those special moments and people we would love to create something different and memorable for you to box up these healthy treats in.We have a team of associates that will work on a package concpet that is specially for you or may be for that spcecial wedding or anniversary that means so much to you.

Ofcourse Diwali, Ganpati, Christmas, we have endless reasons to celebrate in India
So add that color, idea and that special touch to your invitations or announcements or celebrations with a spceially done chocolate box… We can also use custom ingredients and moulds to make it that much more exclusive and memorable for you!!! So just call and let’s talk about it :-)

Ordering and stocking

While your orders are welcome at any time and for all occasions and reasons and we do keep ourselves marginally well stocked almost always, yet we hope that you can give us a few days to deliver the order.Our chocolates are created from scratch and the ingredients are always fresh and we choose to keep it that way, which is why we need that extra time and we don’t retail for the same reason.

Please note that HIC is really custom made and home made, fresh and healthy chocolate, the chocolates must be consumed within a week’s time and orders must be placed in advance so we can give you the best home made chocolates.
Call us 3 days in advance for a minimum order of upto 2 kg’s

Green Tea Versus White Tea

Written by greenteahealth.org

Literally, all people are familiar with green tea and its benefits to the health. It contains medicinal properties which are known to aid in the metabolism process, the prevention of certain cancers and other heart ailments, and of course the numerous other diseases that can cause the human body more troubles. But what about white tea? What is it all about? White tea is oftentimes compared to the green tea. Read on to discover the facts that distinguish the green tea versus white tea.

Green Tea versus White Tea

Same with green tea, white tea is also austerely processed so that its natural properties will not be lost. It is picked before the entire buds completely open. The white tea likewise still contains those white hairs in its leaves.

In contrast with green tea, white tea is endowed with a lighter and sweeter taste. But similar with that of the green tea, white tea should also be steeped into a low water temperature. The selection of white tea includes the golden moon, white peony, silver needle, and white cloud. Moreover, white tea contains a higher dose of polyphenols more than the green tea. These anti-oxidants therefore have a better capacity of protecting the health against the impeding dangers.

So, which one is a better option? Is it the green tea or the white tea? They certainly have loads of health benefits in store for its patrons. When pondering on the benefits of green tea versus white tea, it will be best to consult your health care provider.

Resources on Stem Cell Therapy

National Institutes of Health Resource for Stem Cell Research

The National Institutes of Health forms part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; the primary Federal agency for conducting and supporting medical research. The Resource for Stem Cell Research provides a large database of information on stem cells including FAQ’s, a glossary, tools, downloads as well as policy, basics and research information.


International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR)

The ISSCR works to exchange information on stem cells and educate the public in all areas of stem cell research and application. The ISSCR Patient Handbook on Stem Cell Therapies The ISSCR has created a handbook to help patients and their families evaluate stem cell treatments they may be considering.



PubMed comprises more than 20 million citations for biomedical literature from Medline, life science journals, and online books.


National Marrow Donor Program

The NMDP maintains an international registry of donors for all sources of blood stem cells used in transplantation: bone marrow, peripheral blood, and umbilical cord blood. Their “Be The Match Registry” has 8 million donors and more than 160,000 searchable cord blood units.


Stem Cell Research The IMANA Perspective

Download the Islamic Medical Association of North America Ethics Committee’s perspective on Stem Cell Research here (download PDF).


Network Members Resources

Our Network Members gain access to additional resources such as Published Papers, Stem Cell Guidelines and Special Reports.

Phentermine side effects

Phentermine is needed, in combination with exercise and dieting, to assist you lose weight. It operates by reducing the urge for food. Medicines is oftentimes recommended pertaining to various other utilizes; consult your physician or pharmacologist for more info. Acquire Phentermine about A half-hour one hours prior to dinner. Should you be taking Apettite supressant once daily, carry the dose each and every morning.

Since Phentermine has several side effects it might cause sleep problems, avoid getting a dose delayed inside the day time. Get the last dosage involving Phentermine at least four to several hours before bedtime. Acquire medicines seeing that given. Don’t take such this more regular or even more than directed. In most cases considered regarding 8-12 several weeks. Use within conjunction with some other diet pill medicines are normally not advised. Talk to your physician before these utilize. Blurry perspective, faintness, dry mouth, sleeplessness, depression, tummy upset or irregularity may well arise the first days to weeks because your body sets on the prescription medication.

If perhaps these types of outcomes continue or perhaps come to be annoying, educate medical professional. Inform your doctor in the event you expertise: chest pain, stress and anxiety, thumping cardiovascular, problem you have to pee, feelings changes, , etc ., puffiness. Possibly various other side effects unlisted earlier mentioned, call your health practitioner or even apothecary.

Overdose signs or symptoms might include dilemma, diarrhea, a feeling of sickness, rapid inhaling and exhaling, restlessness, tummy cramps, tremor, vomiting. If perhaps overdose is definitely suspected, contact your community pollute manage core or even er immediately. Educate doctor of your respective finish track record, specifically if you possess: blood pressure, a over-active hypothyroid, glaucoma, type 2 diabetes, psychological complications. This medication can be addictive and should supply together with warning. Liquor can certainly enhance uncomfortable side effects involving wooziness.

Restriction drinking alcohol. Prescription drugs needs to be applied only when obviously essential while being pregnant. Examine the chance in addition to rewards using your doctor. This medication could be passed directly into breast whole milk. You might need to quit breastfeeding or perhaps end employing this drug. Confer with your medical doctor before breast-feeding. Inform your doctor with regards to all of the remedies you employ, (health professional prescribed in addition to over the counter) particularly if you take: Dexfenfluramine, fenfluramine, furazolidone, or even MAOIs (at the.gary the gadget guy., phenelzine) because the probability of critical unwanted side effects, like growing frustration, high blood pressure, sluggish hear trate, improved temperatures, and also lethal lung issues, could possibly be improved.

Tell your medical doctor associated with This particular reuptake inhibitors (e.h., fluoxetine) because the potential for his or her side effects could be enhanced by Phentermine; Guanadrel or maybe guanethidine since their usefulness may be decreased simply by Phentermine. Avoid “stimulant” medicines which will raise your heartbeat for instance decongestants or perhaps caffeinated drinks.

Decongestants are commonly seen in over-the-counter cough-and-cold medications. Tend not to start off or maybe halt almost any drugs with no doctor or perhaps pharmacy technicians acceptance. In the event you overlook any dosage of Phentermine, take it as quickly as possible. If it is soon after 10 PM and you’re simply acquiring Apettite supressant One time daily, as well as soon after Four Evening and you’re getting this greater than One time a day, miss the particular skipped dose in addition to return to your family dosing agenda.

Don’t take Two dosage amounts. Keep Phentermine at area heat range, in between Fifty nine along with Seventy seven diplomas M (15 as well as 20 levels G), in a very closely closed down pot. Store clear of high temperature, dampness, and light. Tend not to retail store inside bathroom. Hold Phentermine out of your reach of kids and clear of pets.

Fashion Cowboy Boots – Selecting The Right Pair For You: Some Beneficial Points

In previous few months the popularity for women to wear fashion cowboy boots is growing. In several instances this is because they’ve found their favorite celebrity wearing a pair for example Jessica Simpson. Nevertheless, although you need a pair of cowboy boots that seem hip and fashionable you must also make sure that the ones you get are not comfortless. Below we offer some directions that may be certain you get this kind of pair of boots for you.

Trick 1 Verify the boots are made so the ones which are produced from leather, snake, ostrich, and snake or crocodile skin need to be viewed using the finest quality materials potential. These not only seem not common but over time you’ll discover the substance helps to conform to the contour of your foot. So over time you’ll discover wearing the incredibly relaxing.

Tip 2 Next you must look carefully at how high up the leg the shank component of the boot goes. The calf must be considered for a girl subsequently selecting boots where the shank simply goes up to just under. A girl will discover that just under won’t cut to the thighs around the ones where the shank was made to cover the calf completely along with supplying the appropriate level of support.

Tip 3 in regards to fashion cowboy boots that are buying take a look at if they include pointed or round toes. If you’re trying by wearing yours with some of a long flowing skirt or jeans to dress in a more conventional system, then choose the toy kind that is pointed. But if you would like to create more of the declaration by wearing yours with assume short pants or a short dress then look at a pair with rounded toes.

Fashionable womens cowboy boots’ approval is defined to remain around to get quite quite a long time so getting time to choose the appropriate pair can pay down within the long term.

Spring Time in Texas

Finally we got lots of rain and then some sun and the plants have kind of exploded on us. Perfect timing too as Race For the Cure is this weekend and our after race party is going to be held in the back yard. I took some pics of our lovely plants. We start on the front porch with this awesome red plant I bought from the horticulture dept at school. Then there is our frog and his flowers. And finally these guys are doing great there on the front porch. The back yard is looking good too. If you look close you can our first peach. This is a pic of the rose in the back. We planted tomatoes, onions, cilantro and jalapenos in the garden this year. We call it our “salsa” garden. Last but not least, our red oak we planted two years ago is doing very well.


This may be too much information for some of you but i finally lost a toenail. It feels much better but not too attractive in sandals! It is almost a relief so i can start growing a new one. Wonder if it will come back another color or texture as my hair did after the first time i lost it?!?! It really freaked my four year old out (the nail loss) but we had a great lesson about regrowth. Just like a teacher to make it a learning experience.

Pollen allergies

Many people have pollen allergies. Do you’ve the people? A pollen allergy occurs mostly during spring when the trees are blooming. Additionally, it happens during fall and summer. The pollen grains or little egg shaped granules created by flowering plants cause an allergy. Either wind or insects disperse them to cross pollinate trees and other flowers of the exact same species. Due to the pollination process, pollens get. While hanging in the air they are able to land on anything, including skin or someone ‘s face. Flowering will likely inhale a person’s nose, when pollen lands on it. Pollens are understood to intensify asthma and also make breathing hard. They will likely trigger facial skin inflammation or allergic conjunctivitis in the eyes, when flowering fall in the face. Wind spread pollen grains are primary sources of seasonal allergies. These grains may be taken to long distances, when the wind is blowing. Their degrees in the air can change daily, describing why individuals are not likely to be impacted by pollen in exactly the same way. Based on research workers, pollens are usually highly focused in the air in hours and the early morning only before midday.

Pollen allergies that happen in summer, spring and autumn

These allergies happen due to pollen grains from trees that may start pollinating between April and January. Generally, trees like walnuts, oaks, maples, olives, and other associated tree species are known to cause serious allergies during spring. In addition, there are specific kinds of weeds that pollinate throughout spring. In late spring and early summertime time, various kinds of glass allergies appear. Grass pollen grains are highly focused in the air in this time. Grass pollen allergies might also happen when farmers are cutting. Any contact with grass may cause itchiness and hives in some people’s skin. This illness is known as contact urticaria. Some turfs grow in the south in others and the north. Allergies are caused by both northern and southern grasses. Autumn pollen allergies occur due to the weeds. Others start to influence individuals toward to the start of autumn as well as the ending of summer. There are various types of winds within the region of North America. A number of others contain ragweed and Russian thistle. In addition, there are weeds that cause allergies that are horrible in other areas of the world which have falls.

Understanding pollens when they’re not absent and you’re sensitive to it

The sole certain way to discover the pollens that could change you is to see a physician. An allergist is the professional you need to see. They’re in a better position to find out not or when you have seasonal allergies. Allergists perform evaluations in blood or the skin. Your physician will tell you when you’re likely to find symptoms, your results come out positive. As a preventative measure some allergy shots could be taken by you prior to this time. You’re likely to identify it, when pollens are found. They will likely be pollinating if weeds, trees and grasses locally are blooming. But you’re not likely to understand when distant pollens which wind disperses trigger your allergy. In many regions, measuring and counting does identification of pollen. A pollen count is just a measure of the number of pollens. It might be a count of over one kind of more or pollen. People who carry out this quantifying process express their lead to grains of pollen per square meter of air. There is a low pollen count usually reported during chilly, wet days and high during hot, dry and breezy days.

Methods to stop exposure to pollens

Pollen allergies are not easy to prevent. You have to continue to breathe in air, when you step outside. The issue comes when you inhale air which has pollens which are understood to cause allergies. You can do the following, to minimize your risks.

  • You need to avoid working outside within the morning hours when pollen is in the air that is extraordinarily focused.
  • To maintain indoor air clean, when trees are pollinating locally, keep your windows shut. This can prevent pollen grains from being taken into your home.
  • Keep your auto’s windows shut when you’re riding in it.
  • Make an effort to spend inside, when researchers report a high pollen count in your region. You can also take a trip.
  • Avoid being inside when winds are powerful. This really is when pollen will probably be in large quantities. Hire someone to mow your yard if you’re sensitive to grass. This may minimize your contact with pollen grains.
  • Do you utilize the sun’s warmth and wind to dry your garments? You need to get your clothes and bedding to some dry cleaner, when reports demonstrate that pollen is extraordinarily focused in the air.
  • Keep a nap on the backyard outside the home or avoid it all prices, in case your pet and dog loves to play or take it.
  • You might need to take a place that produces pollen which you’re usually not sensitive to.

Treating pollen allergies

The sole way out is to take medications, when the prevention strategy neglects to assist you. Antihistamines are generally used drugs. Histamine, which refers to a material released by body during an allergic reaction is counteracted by them. All these are OTC drugs however they are sometimes prescribed too. They could be in kind of oral or nasal sprays. Other instances of these medications contain nasal corticosteroids. All these are inflammatory medications which are sprayed right into the nose in order to relieve nasal congestion. There are decongestants also, accessible via over the counter and prescription. They’re in oral and nasal spray forms. They’re more powerful, when used jointly with antihistamines. Are you really sick and tired of coping with pollen allergies? Maybe you may do better with allergy shots rather than medications. You’re injected with modest quantities of allergens that frequently make the allergy symptoms.