Green Diarrhea and Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance is very common with an estimated 30 to 50 million Americans suffering from such condition. Some cases of the intolerance are temporary and considered a side effect of some medications such as antibiotics which can disturb the body’s ability to produce the enzyme lactase, which is needed to digest lactose.

Infections such as those caused by salmonella can also cause temporary lactose intolerance. This cause is particularly common in children, but will usually resolve itself in a few days or weeks.

Those suffering from problems involving the digestive tract such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), Celiac disease and Cohn’s disease can have a reduced level of the enzyme lactase, which is the cause of such intolerance.

Many older people suffer with this condition simply due to aging and the body not producing sufficient lactase.

Patients do not produce enough of the enzyme lactase which is responsible for breaking down the lactose in the digestive system, this means that lactose can sit undigested in the stomach causing gas, bloating and stomach cramps. The inability of the intestine to absorb foods containing lactose leads to diarrhea, green diarrhea is very common in people suffering from this health problem.

Some of the symptoms include;-

  • Abdominal bloating
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Diarrhea – often green in color
  • Nausea
  • Gas

While there isn’t a cure for lactose intolerance adjustments to the diet, avoiding foods high in lactose will help with the symptoms and reduce the instances of green diarrhea often associated with the condition.

Many processed foods can contain lactose and while some producers may print a warning on the packaging many other don’t so it is important to check the list of ingredients. Degrees of such condition varies from person to person and in some cases a person is able to digest lactose in some forms but not others, for example they may be able to eat yoghurt with no problems, but cheese may cause bouts of green bright poop.

Milk and dairy products are the major source of lactose, lactose is the sugar contained naturally in milk which is broken down by lactase into glucose and galactose which is then absorbed into the blood stream and stored as energy by the body.

Many people with this intolerance have problems with their calcium levels and may decide to supplement their diet with multivitamins; this can lead to further problems with green diarrhea as many multivitamin supplements also contain iron a known cause of green colored feces.

There are lactose free products available on the market and they can be helpful for a lot of people.

If you suspect you may have lactose intolerance your doctor is able to carry out some simple tests in order to offer a diagnosis.

It should be noted that not all causes of green diarrhea are due to the condition if you suffer with frequent instances of green stools it is strongly suggested that you seek the advice of a professionally qualified doctor, who should be able to give you a firm diagnosis and advice regarding treatment.

Bulging Degenerative Disc

Also known as a ruptured or slipped disc, this condition involves a weakened, flattened disc that tears and presses against the nerves surrounding it, causing pain, numbness, tingling and weakness throughout the arms or legs, depending on which disc is affected. This condition is most common in patients in their 40s and 50s, as discs degenerate over time and are at a higher risk of rupturing.

Treatment for a bulging disc may involve open back surgery, which requires a lengthy hospital stay and long recovery time. For patients who do not experience debilitating symptoms from this condition, more conservative treatment may be effective.

The disks between the vertebrate and the spine are made up of a tough outer ring and a soft jelly-like substance in the middle. A bulging degenerative disk occurs when the disk becomes worn and the outer regular disk expands beyond its normal radius and presses against the nerve tissue.

Sweat Guards

Many people who sweat excessively will find that using antiperspirants alone do not keep their clothing from becoming drenched, and so sweat guards are a great option.  Sweat guards go underneath a persons clothing to prevent embarrassing and uncomfortable wetness.  Sweat guards are available for purchase at several online retailers and also at sporting goods stores.

Sweat guards can be disposable or washable.  Washable sweat guards would be ideal for those who would wear the sweat guards daily.  Disposable sweat guards might be better for those who would only need to wear the sweat guards occasionally.  Washable sweat guards are usually held in place by elastic straps that go over a persons arm.  Disposable sweat guards are held in place by an adhesive that sticks the sweat guard to a persons garment.

A person can purchase clothing with underarm sweat guards already built in.  The styles of clothing with built in sweat guards offered are usually athletic shirts, but there are dress shirts that have sweat guards built in already as well.  Underarm sweat guards are the most common, but there are also collar sweat guards available.  Ring around the collar is the term for a sweat stained collar, so the collar sweat guards prevent this from occurring.

Sweat guards are hypo-allergenic and very discreet.  Sweat guards will help a person save money since they will not have to spend as much on their dry cleaning bills.  Sweating is not uncommon in many people, and while sweat guards are not a cure for sweating, sweat guards can help a person feel more confident.

Sweat guards are inexpensive and easy to be found for purchase.  The choice of purchasing washable or disposable sweat guards is dependant upon each person.  Most of the time a person who sweats excessively does so everyday, so washable sweat guards will not only help save money, but will also help save the environment.  Disposable sweat guards might be better for someone who only needs to use the sweat guards occasionally.  Clothing with built in sweat guards can be purchased online or at various sporting goods stores as well.  Often times a person might associate excessive sweating as a problem for males only, but women experience this problem commonly as well.  Sweat guards for men are often larger since men usually have bigger builds, and sweat guards for women tend to be a bit smaller.  The washable sweat guards for women will usually have an arm strap, and/or a strap that attaches to a bra also.

Which Is Better For Master Cleanse, Packed Lemon Juice Or Freshly Squeezed?

One of the best programs for those who want to reduce weight is the master cleanse sometime we said it  cayenne pepper cleanse because it is effective particularly to those who want pursue its goal. The reason why it is popular is because the ingredients used to develop the formula can be purchased easily.

Since the price of each ingredient is economical, you won’t have to spend a lot just to create the formula. Nowadays, this cleanse formula can be created with additional ingredients but when it was first developed the ingredients where it is made were maple syrup, water, cayenne pepper, apple cider vinegar and of course lemon juice. You can manually squeeze the lemon juice or just purchase the packed lemon juice, which can be purchased in the market.

Maybe the question that’s bothering you will be which of these types of lemon juice can be great for the process? Actually, whichever you choose to include in the master cleanse formula it will definitely work. The only problem with the packed lemon juice is that the assurance that you’ll acquire pure juice from the product is not 100 percent this means that it is still advisable to use a freshly squeezed lemon juice in the formula.

It is not hard to find packed lemon juices in the market, but there are some companies that use other ingredients to add to its contents. Usually part of the packed lemon juice contains water but there are also companies that uses other substitutes in order to make it look fresh. Companies involved with scam and those that can’t be trusted are the ones that manufacture these products. The best thing that you can do is to trust only those that are authorized to manufacture it. Another thing that you can do is to compare the contents of the product just to make sure that it is safe.

The advantage of the packed lemon juice is that it is convenient especially if you are always in hurry but squeezing it will assure you that it is safe and the juice that you’ll use is purely from the lemon. The risk of purchasing packed lemon juice products is not that high but it is still dangerous since there might be companies that use substance that will only weaken your health.

Squeezing the lemon to create juice from it might not be that easy but unlike the packed lemon juice, it is safer and healthier. If you truly want to have a fit and healthy body use only fresh lemon juices for the master cleanse formula.

If you are thinking about having a great health and lose weight, you can try Master Cleanse for a better heath and for your body needs.

Causes of Orange Stool Color

There can be a number of things that cause a person to have an orange-colored stool. They can range from certain foods to medicines and supplements, or problems in the body. Let’s take a look at some of these.

Foods that can cause orange stools are squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, kale, spinach and also collard greens.

Supplements that might cause a person to have orange-colored stools are those that contain a lot of beta carotene, which is Vitamin A. Certain types of antacids can also cause an orange-colored stool since they contain aluminum hydroxide. So if you are experiencing this problem, check your supplements and antacids for the aluminum hydroxide ingredient.

Physical causes for an orange-colored stool number a few. One of these is gallstones. Gallstones pose a problem by blocking up the bile ducts. They come out of the liquid that your gallbladder produces, and stones form. Your bile made in the liver is banked into the gallbladder until you need to process fat. Typical symptoms besides orange-colored stools number a few. These are gas, belching, nausea and vomiting, colic in a baby, and bloating in the abdomen.

Irritable bowel syndrome may also cause a person to have orange stool color. IBS also causes stomach aches, diarrhea, constipation on the other side of the coin, and no appetite.

Some types of parasites can also be notorious for changing the stools to abnormal colors. Anything parasitic that is making you ill can also cause diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.

Crohn’s Disease, a type of inflammatory bowel disorder can cause changes in stool color like orange. With this disease is also stomach aches, fevers, tiredness. cramps in the stomach, weight loss, and even rectal bleeding.

Short Bowel Syndrome can also cause orange colored stools or greasy and oily stools. It is also common to experience the symptoms of foul smelling stools, unexplained weight loss, swelling, tiredness, and diarrhea. The best way to diagnose this problem is by the use of blood tests and a test for fecal fat.

Sometimes orange-colored stools indicate that you have a lack of bile salt. Your bile salt is what makes the stool a normal brown color that it should have.

Other problems that can cause orange stool are fissures which happen when trying to pass hard stool, polyps, cancers, and hemorrhoid problems.

If you are concerned about any of these things I talked about, consult your doctor’s advice.

Conjunctivitis Causes and Treatment

Conjunctivitis also called pink eye is a term that covers several different diseases. Literally, the word means an inflammation of the outer surface of the eye, and this is usually accompanied by pain or an itch, redness of the eye and often a discharge. There are many home remedies for pink eye and they are varied by kinds of causes.

Any eye problem that does not settle rapidly should be seen by a doctor. Even simple conditions, if allowed to persist, may cause scarring of the eye surface and a deterioration in the most vital of our senses – sight.

There are two main types of infection causing conjunctivitis – viral and bacterial.

Viral conjunctivitis

Viral conjunctivitis is the most difficult form to treat. Doctors are unable to cure most viral infections, but there are some types that infect the eye surface that antiviral drops can control. Unfortunately, most viruses cause low-grade irritation, a clear sticky exudate and red eyes for several weeks until the body’s own defenses overcome the infection. Soothing drops and ointment may be used, but time is the main treatment.

Bacterial conjunctivitis

The most common form of conjunctivitis is that caused by a bacterial infection of the thin film of tears that always covers the eye. These bacteria are very easily passed from one person to another as the patient rubs the eyes with a hand, then shakes hands, and the second person then rubs their eyes. It is obviously easy for all the children in a family or a school class to develop the infection one after another.

Bacterial conjunctivitis is characterized by yellow pus that forms in the eyes and may stick the eyelids together when waking. The eyes are bloodshot and they may be a little sore. It almost invariably involves both eyes. Once correctly diagnosed by a doctor, treatment is simple by using antibiotic drops or ointment on a regular basis until the infection clears. The drops only last a very short time in the eye and so must be used every two or three hours during the day. The ointment will last for longer, but may blur the vision, so is often used only at night.

Babies who develop recurrent attacks of bacterial conjunctivitis are often suffering from a blocked tear duct as well. Your tears are produced in a small gland beyond the outer edge of your eye. They move across the surface of the eye, and then through a tiny tube at the inner edge of the eye that ends in the nose. This is why you get the salty taste of tears in your mouth when crying. If the duct is too small in an infant, or is blocked by pus, the circulation of tears is prevented and infection easily results.

A blocked tear duct may be probed and cleared by a doctor if the conjunctivitis persists in a baby for several months, but most grow out of the problem.

I am slim, healthy and optimistic

I am slim, healthy and optimistic! My marriage is strong, intimate and loving. I am living healthy, exercising, slim & trim, and solely supporting myself and my family by creating my jewelry and art. I am strong, happy, healthy and financially independent. I living my dream!

I like what Kyla said:

You wrote your intention with so much passion. Strong feelings are a major ingredient to manifesting your intentions. You obviously have that part down! The next big contributor to manifesting is your strong belief that your intention is on its way. Belief is a big part… Do you truly believe it’s on its way? It sure sounds like it. Some unsolicited “advice” that helps me… If you start to lag in that belief, one of the things I find helpful is a vision board I can look at every day with pictures and words of what I want most in the world – and what I believe is on its way to me. Sounds a little corny, but it works amazingly well at keeping me going. Go for that dream! I LOVE hearing that you are living your dream! Have you watched “The Secret” or read any books on the law of attraction? Those are awesome for getting techniques on manifesting intentions… Keep dreaming, and you will be living that dream…

Up all night

Yesterday Dori got a dose of Herceptin and some kind of steroid. She was hoping not to get the steroid because it keeps her up all night but she ended up getting it anyway. I happened to awake from my slumber at about 2:30 am and she was not in bed. This is pretty typical of what happens the night after she gets that stuff. This morning I noticed she had worked some on the prep for Tait’s birthday cake and the book she is reading was downstairs so I guess she read and worked most of the night. A while back I ranted about one the main evils of chemo being the time it steals from you. Being up all night is one example of that, I’m sure Dori will have a wonderful day today after being up all night…and Tait is off from school today too. I’m sure she is loving it today.


Dori’s latest chemo treatment is something called CPT11. It is pretty new and I have not been able to find much info on it. She has had a few treatments so far (she gets chemo every Thursday morning) and so far nothing spectacular to report. She has the usual lack of energy, not feeling 100%, etc. But she did mow our backyeard yesterday so that is pretty impressive – even if she was completely wore out afterwards. The change to CPT11 was triggered by the fact that her last set of scans showed some new spots in her chest and ab area along with some growth in the spots on her liver. It was not the best news but the hope is that this new drug will work wonders. -fingers crossed-

Been Awhile

Actually, Dori has kind of stopped blogging so I am going to pick it up and go. I am JE, the husband. I don’t care if one person reads this at all, it will give me some place to spew out my thoughts so here is goes!

Indigestion Causes and Treatment

Indigestion, also called dyspepsia, is a condition that occurs when the normal process of digestion is disturbed. The symptoms of indigestion include nausea, vomiting, bloating, gas, and heartburn, which is a burning sensation in the chest. Stomach cramps, belching, and a feeling of fullness sometimes accompany these symptoms.

In most cases, indigestion is caused by poor eating habits, such as eating too much or too quickly, swallowing air while eating, and not chewing food properly. Sometimes it may result from eating excessive amounts of fatty foods, improperly cooked foods, or certain vegetables, such as cabbage, onions, and radishes. It may also be caused by emotional upsets and by diseases of the stomach and gallbladder. Indigestion can often be prevented by the establishment of good eating habits and by the avoidance of foods that bring on the condition. When caused by disease, indigestion can be relieved only by treatment of the disease. Persistent or severe indigestion or the sudden onset of indigestion in a person who never before had digestive problems should be checked by a physician.

Summer picnic essentials

Summertime is ideal for enjoying picnics in the great outdoors with significant others. Picnics are a fun way to share happy memories together, and they should be carefree and relaxing for all. A little planning and preparation is required to ensure that everyone can enjoy the experience. Whilst a few simple basics will be sufficient for a picnic, there are some essentials that can make all the difference.

Here is a checklist of must-have summer picnic essentials:

Picnic supplies

The picnic bag can be packed in advance ready for picnicking throughout summer. A large picnic blanket is a must, as this provides a place to sit or it can be used as a table cover. A basic first aid kit containing high factor sunscreen and insect repellent is vital for safety and well-being. Hand wipes and sanitizer are ideal for cleaning hands prior to eating, and for clean-ups. Ensure to pack a couple of trash bags to be able to keep trash together for easy disposal. Pack a few outdoor games such as bats, balls, kites or a Frisbee.

Serving utensils

Pack the serving utensils the night before and no earlier to ensure that they are fresh. A few basics are required even when finger foods are on the menu, as there may be items that require cutting. Pack at least one knife and one spoon, as these are often useful. Plastic picnic supplies are preferable, as these can be used time and time again, which is cost effective, and better for the planet. Pack plastic serving utensils including cutlery, plates, cups, a bottle opener and corkscrew if required.

Picnic supplies

Pack basic picnic supplies in advance so they are ready-to-go, making planning for a picnic a breeze, and to save precious time. This makes it easier to focus on packing a scrumptious picnic, as everything else is already packed and ready to go. Use a cool box and freezer ice packs to keep food chilled. Tupperware tubs are ideal for keeping food fresh and keeping pests away. Food and drink aplenty is required, as it is impossible to have too much. Pack non-perishable foods that will be ideal for snacking on later. In addition, take a camera and an umbrella for shade or shelter.

Having a picnic checklist is an easy way to ensure that nothing is left behind. Being prepared and organized can make the experience more enjoyable. Picnics create happy memories that will be treasured forever. Enjoy a picnic in the summer sun.