Tonsil Stones Home Remedies

Tonsil stones are ugly, smelly, and can kill your social life. The good news, however, is that they can easily be removed at home. Here are some of the most effective strategies you can use to get rid of tonsil stones – and prevent them after you do!

Manual removal

It makes the most sense to try and remove these stones by hand. This can work, if you’ve got a fair bit of time to spare, and a relatively high threshold for pain. Popular instruments include clean Q-tips and toothpicks. Simply lift the flap of the tonsil crevice in which the stone is embedded and swipe it away.

If you’re a bit too squeamish for that, try and simulate one or two deep coughs. The rattling of the cough should loosen the stones, making it easier for you to dislodge them.

Many people have reported good results with oral irrigation, through use of a Waterpik or other device. The strength of the water stream should be enough to release the stone from the tonsil and wash it away, down the throat. It is important, however, to start this process on a relatively gentle water stream, as a stronger one may cause bleeding.


Stir together a half cup of lukewarm water with one teaspoon of regular salt. This will make a good saline solution. Gargle with it three to four times a day. Not only will the gargle loosen the stones from the throat, but it will soothe any pain associated with larger, harder stones. Salt is also a good antiseptic, and will wash away any stone-causing forms of bacteria.

You can also try a vinegar gargle. Tonsil stones are made up of compacted bacteria and another key component, calcium. Vinegar actually dissolves calcium, making it an effective ingredient in the eradication of stones. Just mix a quarter cup of warm water with one tablespoon of vinegar and gargle regularly. Indeed, gargling with a vinegar solution daily will help prevent the build-up of substances that form tonsil stones.

Nasal Irrigation

Tonsil stones also form as a result of post-nasal drip. Therefore, a thorough clean-out of the nasal passages will wash away tonsil stones too. If you feel like you’re up for the task, irrigate your nasal passages with salt solution. If that doesn’t sound like your thing, pick up a good nasal spray from your local pharmacy. The consistent maintenance of nasal hygiene will also ensure that you never develop tonsil stones again.

Eat Raw Foods

Not only are raw vegetables and fruits good for your general well-being, they are good at physically removing tonsil stones. Crunch on carrots, celery or cucumber. These veggies will scrape at the linings of the throat and tonsils, removing tonsil stones as they do. This is because these crunchy vegetables are high in fiber, a tough substance that is designed to clean the digestive system as it is consumed.

Compliment these raw foods with probiotic yogurt. It’s rich in the “good” bacteria that counteract the smelly, “bad” bacteria that make up stones. Make sure that you go for the sugar-free variety, as bad bacteria thrive on sugars and glucose.

Try all of these home remedies with care and see which one works for you. Remember, however, that if your tonsil stones are particularly large and painful, it’s better to consult with a doctor and have them removed manually.

Walk or Run for Weight Loss

Walking and running are excellent forms of cardiovascular activity.

They are free and require nothing more than willing legs to carry you.

Coupled with proper nutrition, walking or running can help to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle.

These activities can play a huge role meeting your in weight-loss goals.

Get Equipped
1. Walkers and runners will need a minimal amount of equipment to get started.

Shoes are the most important. They should be quality walking or running shoes with lots of support and cushioning.

If you plan to run more than 10 miles a week, you may want to look into getting fitted at a running specialty store for shoes that will best serve your foot strike. This can help prevent injury and maximize shoe comfort.

Music players and hand weights are also items that can help to take your mind off of the monotony and keep you moving toward weight loss.

The hand weights will offer some upper body resistance that aids in strengthening the core and increasing the sweat.

A sturdy water bottle designed for walking or running is essential. Hydration is important to keeping your energy at its peak, and helps to regulate your body temperature.

Get Creative to Stay Motivated
2. Motivation is essential to your weight-loss success. If you are a person who needs people to keep them on track, enlist a walking or running buddy. You can schedule times to work out together.

You can also join a local walking or running group which offers free group walks or runs. This is a great way to meet like-minded individuals who will offer words of encouragement and empathize with your struggles. Read the rest of this entry »

Choosing Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation

In our attempt to get rid of our drug addiction, we are strongly advised to choose and attend the most suitable rehabilitation treatment. This advice means that we must do a research because there isn’t any rehabilitation treatment that fits all people. We must thoroughly and carefully consider whether we need to attend an outpatient or inpatient drug rehab because our decision will determine the result of our recovery process.

If we have decided to attend an inpatient rehab, we must manage to find the most suitable one. For this purpose, a thorough and considerate survey should be carried out. In our survey, we should include the reputation and success rate of inpatient drug rehabilitation into our considerations. As we know, an inpatient rehabilitation center that has good reputation is usually able to provide reliable and trusted services. If we attend such rehabilitation center, we will likely be able to receive the best treatments because they will always manage to provide high quality treatments.

Additionally, high success rate indicates that the residential treatment center uses effective treatment program in helping their patients to get rid of their addiction. This also means that the treatment program that has helped many people will likely be able to help us. Therefore, if we prefer to attend an inpatient rehab, we can consider choosing a treatment center that has good reputation and high success rate.

How To Get Rid Of A Double Chin

Most of the people think that double chin comes naturally, but this myth is wrong. It happens due to deposit of fats. People are surprised knowing this but it is a normal body mechanism to store fat. So, it is not just thighs or your tummy that can store weight but chin is one another place where body stores extra fat.

However, maintaining overall health should be the major motive behind the workouts to burn extra fat. No doubt losing weight through workouts also affects the fats stored in chin. Few double chin exercises are also there where a person can directly lose fats near the chin area. Different people have different body metabolism. In some people extra fats are stored in thighs and for some extra fats are stored near waistline area. But for some people extra fats are stored near the chin area.

(1) Postures play an important role while exercising for double chin exercises. Right body posture while sitting or standing will help you to strengthen your throat muscles and gradually the muscles near the chin area will become strong and taut. So, sitting and standing in the right position will help you to strengthen your chin muscles resulting into fat burn.

(2) One of the easiest ways to burn fats near the chin area is to lie down on your chest and put your head on the pillow. Stretching your head back while you lay down on your chest side will pull the neck muscles.

Continuous stress to the neck muscles will help you to lose fat near the chin area. But, do remember that you do this exercise gently. You should not feel any discomfort while doing this exercise because the parts and muscles near the neck and chin area are gentle. Though you will not find any instant results but gradually you will see your chin thinning and coming back to its normal size.

(3) Other double chin exercises are as follows:

(A) Just stand comfortably and gradually raise you head tilting at the back side. Remember do not strain as the muscles are gentle.

(B) Another exercise for double chin is to stand in a comfortable posture and open your mouth wide. If possible take your tongue out but the action should be gradual.

Repeating this exercise ten times a day can help you to lose weight near the chin area. These are some double chin exercise when done regularly can reduce chin fats.

Considering Scooby Doo Toys For Unexpected Children’s Gifts

People are often puzzled on what to get children for gifts. They may wish to consider The Scooby Doo range of toys which have a huge variety to choose from and a lot of appeal.

Scooby Doo has long been a favorite with children, their parents and even their grandparents. The very simple formula of the TV shows and latter films is a proven one. The Scooby Doo Gang are the good folks and the bad guys are always the local sheriff or landowner with a gripe or something to lose.

The fact that the show always features a ghost or a monster seems appealing young children. It is a simple idea which works exceptionally well. Parents can rely on Scooby and the gang never over stepping the mark in terms of suitable viewing for children and are at ease with the subject and the characters.

Sccoby Doo toys come in a number of different kinds from DVDs to interactive books, puzzles, soft toys, play sets, vehicles and clothes.

If your little one enjoys TV, you would no question please him or her by giving a Mystery Machine van or scooby Doo plush toy for his or her birthday or Christmas gift. Play sets can be added to with the pack of villains you can get independently to update the games your kids will enjoy.

One of the bestselling toys is the 5 pack of pose able characters containing Daphne, Fred, Thelma, Shaggy and Scooby Doo. These are stand up figures that could be presented and are a decent size for kids to play with. Another popular choice is the Mystery Machine van, the Gang’s transport. This van has an open up section exposing the control center the gang uses.

A Ty Scooby Doo plush toy usually goes down very well if you are not able to decide, particularly with younger children and girls, as do puzzles and books.

Digital Photo Frame: The Sophisticated Gift For Boyfriend

The digital photo frame is a classy and special idea for your boyfriend, thus it becomes essentially the most impressive Valentine gifts for him. You could call it as something new and the marvelous idea in photography world. At the moment, everything is usually digitalized and folks love such truth due to practicality and efficiency. The digital photo frame is available in various models and price ranges also.

Digital photo frame is usually mentioned as DPF too for simple and straightforward reason. The superior technology enable folks to enjoy plenty of wonderful and nice invention even in the form of digital photo frame. The trendy and perfect design makes this particular frame really worthy to be the gifts for boyfriend.

What’s Digital Photo Frame?

Before you open your computer and start searching the finest digital photo frame on the internet, you should find the proper definition first. The digital photo frame is a simple LCD or TFT display screen with particular storage capacity. Therefore, the frame comes with memory card (or sometimes) hard disk. It stores your pictures and displays them too. In case your boyfriend loves to take photographs, be sure to choose the large storage capacity.

The chic gifts for boyfriend would color his day and a digital photo frame becomes great example to look at. The frame works by using batteries or electrical power. Therefore, you will need a power socket to plug it in. In this specific case, the digital photo frame has larger size if compared to the standard one. Besides, it’s relatively heavier when compared to the more conventional frame.

Why Select Digital Photo Frame?

Why should you purchase digital photo body for your boyfriend and make it as one of the best Valentine presents for him? The complexity of the frame itself has grabbed the attention of lots of people out there, especially guys who are more interested in gadgetry and different merchandise with advanced technology. Such truth becomes the explanation why digital photo frame is really worthy to purchase.

For common people, a digital photo frame solves the problem of some individuals who feel it’s too difficult to use a pc to store and display their photos. Therefore, a digital photo frame provides them with a great solution for keeping, organizing and even viewing the photos more easily. For your boyfriend, the frame will be the real efficient and sensible Valentine gifts for him.

The large memory of digital photo frame would replace lots of photo albums and save a lot of space at home as well. The interface of such frame is elegant and luxurious as well. A paper photo album will fade and dull as the time goes by, but the pictures in digital photo frame would last forever. The color would still be the same as it was taken for the very first time.

However, investing in a digital photo frame as one of special presents for boyfriend will require you to spend much money. The unique and elegant one with large storage capacity can cost about $200. But, the price is actually worthy to exchange the quality, storage and the sturdiness of a digital photo frame.


Cheng Yi Du won Open Singles at the NATT Life West Open on the UC Berkeley campus on Labor Day weekend. Barney Reed would go on to win the Sacramento Summer Open over newcomer Zhehao Wang.

  • Barney Reed wins the Sacramento Summer Open over Zhehao Wang. Freddie Gabriel and Avishy Schmidt get 3rd/4th. Avishy Schmidt wins the Under 2375 over Martin Kosan.
  • Cheng Yi Du wins the NATT Life Open in Berkeley over Fan Chao in the final. Bryan Michaud of Canada wins the Under 2500 over Sean Lee of Cupertino. Trevor Runyan of Martinez wins the Under 2375 over Bryan Michaud of Canada. Heather Wang wins Women’s Singles over Sally Su of San Francisco.
  • Following the footsteps of “Balls of Fury,” a new movie is coming out this fall called “Ping Pong Playa.”
  • 2008 Beijing Olympics: Men’s Team: Gold-China, Silver-Germany, Bronze-Korea ; Women’s Team: Gold-China, Silver-Singapore, Bronze-Korea ; Men’s Singles: Gold-Ma Lin, Silver-Wang Hao, Bronze-Wang Liqin ; Women’s Singles: Gold-Zhang Yining, Silver-Wang Nan, Bronze-Guo Yue
  • See video of President George H. W. Bush with the US Team in Beijing. The US Women’s Team lost to Singapore but defeated Netherlands and Nigeria in group play. Then they beat Romania 3-1 but lost to Korea 3-0 with all matches close. China wins women’s team with Singapore getting silver and Korea geting bronze.
  • NBC’s network of channels is expected to show more than 20 hours of table-tennis during the Beijing Olympics.
  • Due to a new rule that just passed, Jackie Lee will be headed to the Beijing Olympics as an alternate. However, she will not be allowed to play unless a teammate gets injured. Read an article about her in the San Francisco Chronicle.
  • Ariel Hsing wins the Pan American Junior Girls Singles title in Canada. Read about her in an ITTF Article.
  • 2008 US Open in Las Vegas: Sathiyan Ganasekaran of India, who recently dominated the Newgy US Open Warm-Up, defeated Stefan Feth and Zolt Pete of Serbia to advance to the Round of 16 in Mens’ Singles losing to the eventual winner Chen Weixing of Austria.  He also won the US Open Junior Boys title.  Other first and second place finishers from Northern California: Jiaqi Zheng of Milpitas won Under 21 Years Old Women’s Singles; Ariel Hsing of San Jose won Cadet Girls over Sylvan Guo of San Francisco; Krishnateja Avvari of Fremont won 9 and Under Boys over Kanak Jha of Milpitas and also finished second in Under 1200; Nathaniel Chu of Milpitas won Under 1000 over Kenny Wong of Oakland; Kailyn Kong of Pinole finished second in Under 800; Harriet Brin of Hollister finished second in Over 60 Years Women’s Singles; Trevor Runyan of Martinez won Hardbat Singles; Scott Gordon of Sacramento won Hardbat Doubles; Robert Palgon of Fremont finished second in Under 2000 Hardbat and Hardbat Doubles; Mark Johnson of San Jose and Henry Sit of Hayward finished second in the Under 4200 Doubles.
  • The Indian Junior National Team came to the Newgy US Open Warm-Up because of the US Open and won over 75% of the prize money.  Sathiyan Ganasekaran won the Open Singles over 3-time Indian World Team Member Pathik Mehta. Soumyajit Ghosh and Nitin Vasanth Philips finished 3rd/4th. Sathiyan Ganasekaran also won Under 22 Years and nearly completed a triple crown but lost 11-9 in the fifth in the Open Doubles final to Raj Mondal and Soumyajit Ghosh. Trevor Runyan won the Under 2400 over Auria Malek. Nelson Yu won the Under 2200 over Sylvan Guo.
  • Dora Kurimay, seeded 6th, wins the Sacramento Open over 7th seeded Martin Kosan.  Michael Hyatt and Jiaqi Zheng finish 3rd/4th.  Trevor Runyan wins the Under 2450 over Dora Kurimay.  Martin Kosan wins the Under 2300 over Mert Caglar.  All Results Here.
  • Ben Johnson wins the Golden State Open with Fan Chao coming in 2nd, Hailong Shen 3rd, and Trevor Runyan 4th.  Ben Johnson also wins Open Doubles partnered with Misha Kazantsev over Philipp Klimant and Falk Konopisky of Germany.  Jiaqi Zheng wins the Under 2500 over Shashin Shodhan.  Philipp Klimant wins the Under 2300 over Michael Sung.  Adam Bobrow wins the Under 2100 over Henry Sit.
  • Ten weeks of summer kids camps at the Fremont Table Tennis Club!  Click here for information.
  • North American Olympic Trials in Vancouver, Canada:  On the first day, Whitney Ping lost her quarterfinals match.  Nan Li lost to Jackie Lee in the semifinals but Jackie Lee lost to Crystal Huang in the finals putting Crystal Huang on the US Olympic Team with all Northern California gals eliminated.  Jackie Lee would finish as the first singles alternate.
    In the men’s trials, former Chinese National Team Member Wilson Zhang of Canada took the first spot with teammate Peter-Paul Pradeeban taking the second spot.  Former top Chinese provincial player David Zhuang of the US defeats Eric Owens deuce in the seventh and Han Xiao 11-7 in the seventh to capture the third singles spot.
  • In the final standings of the National Collegiate Table Tennis Association, CSU East Bay is ranked #15 in the nation and Stanford is ranked #19.  In the women’s standings, Stanford is ranked #2 in the nation.
  • Steven Wang is now 2 for 2 in Northern California tournaments.  He wins the Western Open in Berkeley over Hailong Shen in the finals to follow up his Sacramento Winter Open win.  Eric Owens and Cheng Yi Du finish 3rd/4th.  Jiaqi Zheng wins Women’s Singles over Dora Kurimay.  Truong Tu wins the Under 2500 over Kevin Au.  Johnny Chau wins the Under 2375 over Ashwath Chithanur.  Dora Kurimay wins the Under 2250 over Tuan Anh Nguyen.  Hailong Shen wins the Under 22 Men over Tomas Fuentes-Afflick.  Ariel Hsing wins the Under 22 Women over Lily Zhang. (FULL RESULTS)
  • China sweeps all events at the 2008 Erke Pro Tour Qatar Open.  (RESULTS OF INTEREST)
  • Vladimir Samsonov of Belarus wins the 2008 Erke Pro Tour Kuwait Open by defeating World #1 Wang Hao in the quarterfinals, World #4 Ma Long in the semifinals, and World #7 Chen Qi in the finals.  Ma Lin and Wang Hao of China win men’s doubles with compatriot Zhang Yining winning women’s singles and women’s doubles with Wang Nan.  (RESULTS OF INTEREST)
  • Steven Wang wins the opener of the 4-tourney Sacramento circuit over Khoa Nguyen in the final.  Shen Hailong and Jiaqi Zheng finish 3rd/4th.  Jiaqi Zheng wins the Women’s Singles over Whitney Ping.  Shashin Shodhan wins the Under 2400 over Avishy Schmidt.  Tommy Nguyen wins the Under 2250 over Nelson Yu and defaults the final of the Under 2100 to Mert Caglar.  Freddie Gabriel and Dora Kurimay win the Under 4600 Doubles over Avishy Schmidt and Robert Shahnazari.  Here are the finalists of all events.
  • WORLD TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS:  The US women finish in 12th place and the US men finish in a disappointing 44th place.  103 men’s teams and 70 women’s teams took part in these World Championships in Guangzhou, China.  China defeats Korea 3-0 in the men’s team final with Wang Liqin’s loss to Romania’s Andrei Filimon being their only men’s singles loss of their entire week.  The Chinese women defeat Singapore 3-1 in the women’s team final and had two singles losses for the entire week.
  • The world’s highest-ranked non-Chinese player, Timo Boll of Germany, withdraws from the upcoming World Team Championships due to patellar tendonitis in his knee.
  • 2003 World Men’s Singles Champion Werner Schlager of Austria wins the Europe Top 12 tournament in Frankfurt, Germany over Belarus’ Vladimir Samsonov in the finals.  In the women’s singles final, Li Jiao of the Netherlands defeats Li Qian of Poland.
  • Ariel Hsing finishes 3rd in the US Olympic Committee Female Athlete of the Month voting for the month of December.  At the US Nationals in December, she won the Junior Girls National Team Trials, the Cadet Girls National Team Trials, and the Under 13 Years Old Girls Singles event.
  • Lobber extraordinaire James Therriault and Cal alumnus Shashin Shodhan will be doing a halftime exhibition on Saturday, February 9 at a Cal men’s basketball home game.
  • Yau-man Chan, the fan favorite of Survivor: Fiji, will appear on the Survivor: Micronesia – Fans vs Favorites series set to air weekly starting on Thursday, February 7 at 8 PM on CBS.  Yau-man helps out with the Concord and UC Berkeley table-tennis clubs regularly.
  • The Fremont Table Tennis Club has just started a junior program on weekends and is open four days a week for open play.  Visit for information.
  • Vladimir Samsonov wins his 17th career Pro Tour Men’s Singles title at the 2008 Slovenian Open.  Chiang Peng-Lung and Chang Yen-Shu of Chinese Taipei win their first Pro Tour Men’s Doubles title in 7 years and their 7th for their careers.  However, on the women’s side, new faces emerged as winners.  Li Jiao of the Netherlands wins her first career Pro Tour Women’s Singles title and Irina Kotikhina of Russia teamed up with Li Jie of the Netherlands to win their first Pro Tour Women’s Doubles title.  (RESULTS OF INTEREST)
  • At the first stage of the Olympic Trials in Philadelphia, Northern California women Nan Li, Jackie Lee, and Whitney Ping finish #2, #3, and #4, respectively to advance to the North American Olympic Trials in April in Vancouver.  Northern California will not be represented in the men’s field in Vancouver.  Khoa Nguyen finishes in 9th place and Shashin Shodhan and Trevor Runyan are eliminated in the semis of the qualifier.  Crystal Huang finishes in first place for women.  David Zhuang, Han Xiao, Eric Owens, and Cheng Yinghua finish in the top 4 and will represent the US against Canada.  There were 5,500 paid spectators and dozens of media features took place at the sold-out event.
  • 2007 US NATIONALS-NATIONAL TITLES FROM NORTHERN CALIFORNIA: Jackie Lee-Mixed Doubles, Ariel Hsing-Junior National Team Girls Trials and Cadet National Team Girls Trials and Under 13 Years Old Girls Singles, Whitney Ping-Women 21 Years and Younger, Byng Forsberg-Over 80 Years Old and Doubles Over 65 Years, Harriet Brin-Veteran Women’s 75-79 Years, Chao Zhang-Under 1500, Jonathan Ou-Under 1400, Yeh Man-Ju-Under 1100, Nancy Zhou-Under 1000, Kenneth Sandberg and Skio Polacchi-Under 2700 Doubles, Trevor Runyan-Hardbat Singles, Scott Gordon-Hardbat Doubles, Al Papp III-Under 1800 Hardbat
  • 2007 US NATIONALS SECOND PLACE FINISHERS: Khoa Nguyen and Whitney Ping-Mixed Doubles, Lily Zhang-Junior National Team Girls Trials, Sylvan Guo-3rd Place-Cadet Girls National Team Trials, Parry Husbands (who recently moved to Boston)-Under 2200, Erica Tran-Under 1400, Yeh Man-Ju-Under 1300, Under 1000, Under 3200 Doubles (with Stanley Sun), Bruce Liu and Qingming Liu-Under 3700 Doubles, Byng Forsberg-Veteran Men’s 80-84 Years
  • At the ITTF Tournament of Champions, Wang Hao wins men’s singles over Vladimir Samsonov in the semis and Ma Lin in the finals.  In the women’s singles final, Wang Nan defeats Li Xiaoxia 11-9 in the seventh game.  (RESULTS)
  • At the 2007 World Junior Championships at Stanford University, China wins all events except men’s singles where Jeong Sang Eun of Korea defeated Xu Ruifeng of China in the final.  China also barely made it past England, France, and Korea in the boys team event before securing gold.  There were about 2,500 spectators during the final day of the championships.
  • At the ITTF Pro Tour Grand Finals, Ma Lin defeats Wang Hao in men’s singles.  Chen Qi and Wang Liqin win men’s doubles over Ma Lin and Wang Hao.  Li Xiaoxia wins women’s singles over Guo Yue and they team up to win women’s doubles over Korea’s Kim Kyung Ah and Park Mi Young. (RESULTS OF INTEREST)
  • Wang Hao wins the Chinese National Championships by defeating Wang Liqin in the semis and Ma Long in the finals.  Wang Liqin and Ma Lin win men’s doubles over Wang Hao and Ma Long.  Sixteen-year old phenom Liu Shiwen wins women’s singles over Li Xiaoxia but Li Xiaoxia teams up with Guo Yue to win women’s doubles over Liu Shiwen and 17-year old Ding Ning.
  • East China University wins the North American Teams in Baltimore by defeating Canada 1 (Wilson Zhang, Eugene Wang, Shen Qiang) in the semifinals and Canada 2 (Peter-Paul Pradeeban, Pierre-Luc Hinse, Homayoun Kamkar-Parsi) in the finals.  East China University’s Rao Jingwen was the best performer in the tournament.
  • China wins 3 of 4 events at the Swedish Open in Stockholm.  Wang Hao wins men’s singles and partnered with Ma Long, wins men’s doubles 11-9 in the seventh over Gao Ning and Yang Zi of Singapore.  Li Xiaoxia wins women’s singles.  Kim Kyung Ah and Park Mi Young of Korea prevent the Chinese sweep by winning women’s doubles.  (RESULTS OF INTEREST)
  • Like the Liebherr French Open Pro Tour, China wins all four events at the Liebherr German Open Pro Tour.  Teenager Ma Long wins men’s singles.  Wang Hao and Wang Liqin win men’s doubles.  Li Xiaoxia wins women’s singles and women’s doubles with Guo Yue.  (RESULTS OF INTEREST)
  • Khoa Nguyen wins the Pacific Rim Open in Portland by defeating Freddie Gabriel in the quarters, Mark Hazinski in the semis, and Samson Dubina in the finals.
  • At the Sacramento Open, Shen Hailong defeats Auria Malek 3-1 to win Open Singles.  Shen defeated Kock Loe 3-0 in the semis and Malek defeated Ariel Hsing 3-1 in the other semifinal.  Hsing upset Martin Kosan in the quarterfinals.  In the Under 2425 final, Malek defeated Kosan 3-0.  Kock Loe defeated James Therriault 3-0 in the Under 2300 final.  Tommy Nguyen defeated Mert Caglar 3-0 to win the Under 2175 event.
  • At the 2007 French Open, China sweeps all the titles.  Ma Lin defeats Wang Hao in the men’s singles final and they team up to win men’s doubles.  Zhang Yining defeats Wang Nan in the women’s singles final.  Wang Nan teams up with Guo Yan to win women’s doubles.  (MATCHES OF INTEREST)
  • 11-year old phenom Lily Zhang wins the Fair Play and Friendship Award at the World Cadet Challenge in South Africa.  In the World Cadet Challenge, Zhang and the other 11-year old phenom Ariel Hsing reach the round of 16 in girls singles, the round of 16 in girls doubles partnered with each other, and lead North America to a 5th place finish in the girls team event.  Those sound like big accomplishments but are actually unbelievable accomplishments because they have 4 more years of eligibility left in the World Cadet Challenge.
  • At the Liebherr Austrain Open, Chen Qi wins his second Pro Tour men’s singles title in as many weeks.  Gao Ning and Yang Zi of Singapore win their second Pro Tour doubles title of 2007.  World #1 Zhang Yining wins women’s singles over teammate Guo Yan.  In a big surprise, Sayaka Hirano and Ai Fukuhara of Japan win women’s doubles.  (MATCHES OF INTEREST)
  • Chen Qi of China wins the Eurosib Russian Open Pro Tour by defeating Timo Boll in the semis and Li Ping in the finals.  Ko Lai Chak and Li Ching of Hong Kong win men’s doubles.  Chang Chenchen of China wins women’s singles and Li Nan and Peng Luyang of China win women’s doubles. (MATCHES OF INTEREST)
  • Wilson Zhang wins the 2007 NA Tour Finals title by defeating Hailong Shen in the semis and Yan Jun Gao in the finals.  Misha Kazantsev wins the U-2500 over Khoa Nguyen and the U-2375 over Jason Shim.  Joey Hu wins U-2250 over Michael Sung.  Jiaqi Zheng wins Women’s Singles over Sara Fu.  Hailong Shen wins Under 22 Years over Auria Malek.
  • The supremely talented world #1 junior Jun Mizutani of Japan (ranked #40 in the world for men) will be taking part in the World Junior Championships at Stanford University in December.
  • China’s Wang Hao wins the 2007 Men’s World Cup in Barcelona, Spain over Korea’s Ryu Seung Min to solidify his #1 world ranking.  China’s Wang Liqin defeats Germany’s Timo Boll 4-0 in the match for 3rd place. (MATCHES OF INTEREST)
  • China wins men’s team and women’s team in the first World Team Cup in nearly 15 years.
  • At the Women’s World Cup, China’s Wang Nan defeats World #1 Zhang Yining in the final to win for the fourth time, equaling Zhang’s record for most Women’s World Cup wins.  Guo Yue defeats Hong Kong’s Tie Yana for third place.  USA’s Wang Chen finished 1-2 in her group and thus did not advance to the quarterfinals.
  • Mark Hazinski wins the Life West Open at Berkeley defeating Samson Dubina (who won the Under 2500) in the semifinals and Cheng Yi Du in the finals.  Both matches ended deuce in the sixth in a best of seven.
  • At the Panasonic China Open, Wang Hao wins men’s singles defeating Ma Lin in the semis and Wang Liqin in the finals.  Ma Lin and Wang Hao win men’s doubles over Ma Long and Chen Qi 11-9 in the seventh.  Former World Champion Zhang Yining wins women’s singles with a 4-1 victory over current World Champion Guo Yue.  Guo Yue and Guo Yan win women’s doubles over a Japanese pair.  Look out for two 16-year olds who will be very well-known in table-tennis very soon: Kenta Matsudaira from Japan and Liu Shiwen of China.
  • Avishy Schmidt upsets James Guo 3-1 to win the Open Singles at the Sacramento Summer Open.  Tuan Le wins the U-2400 over James Therriault and wins the U-2300 over Parry Husbands (who wins the U-2150).
  • Jiaqi Zheng comes back from down 2-0 in the Open Singles Final to defeat Sean Lee at the San Francisco Summer Open.  Zheng was also down 7-3 in the deciding fifth game.
  • Stefan Feth wins the Joola Extravanganza after coming back from down 3-1 in the finals to win 4-3 over Khoa Nguyen.
  • At the Pan American Games in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Gao Jun wins the gold medal in women’s singles for the third consecutive time with Wang Chen getting a bronze medal in women’s singles.  In the team event, the US Women’s National Team (Gao Jun, Wang Chen, and Tawny Banh) wins gold and the US Men’s National Team (Mark Hazinski, Eric Owens, and Han Xiao) wins bronze.
  • Northern California Players Excel at the 2007 US Open in Las Vegas With 9 Titles and 13 Second-Place Finishes!  Palo Alto’s Lily Zhang comes home the only multiple-event winner by winning the Women’s Under 2100 Singles and Girls 11 and Under Singles, Martinez’ Trevor Runyan finishes second in the Under 2400, San Jose’s Truong Tu wins the Under 2200 over league player Joey Hu, Fremont’s Peter Tsang wins the Under 1750 and finishes second in the Under 1900, Concord’s Justin So wins the Under 1200 over ICC’s Eshaan Bhalla, Oakland’s David Zeng wins the Under 800 over Sunset’s Vivian Sun, San Francisco’s Kenny Mock finishes second in the Under 1800 Over 40 Years Singles, Freddie Gabriel wins the Hardbat event, San Jose’s Jiaqi Zheng finishes second in the Girls 21 and Under Singles, Palo Alto’s Ariel Hsing wins the Girls Singles 13 and Under and finishes second in the Cadet Girls Singles, Concord’s Kailyn Kong wins the Girls 9 and Under Singles over Fremont’s Vidya Pingali, Hollister’s Harriet Brin finishes second in the Women’s 60 and Over Singles, Palo Alto’s Wayne Lo finishes second in the Standing Open Class 6-10, Milpitas’ Bruce Liu and Ming Zhang finish second in the Under 4200 Doubles event, Sacramento’s James Therriault finishes second in the Over 40 Years Doubles.
  • We apologize for the lack of update for the July 9 week for this website as the webmaster had other commitments.  Everything will be updated again starting with the July 16 week.
  • Kids camp in Fremont during the last 2 weeks of June:  Click here for the information and sign-up sheet.

  • Can’t miss opportunity!  Former World Champion Stellan Bengtsson will be having a camp in Santa Clara from July 9-13 which is the week after the US Open.  He has coached World Champions Jorgen Persson, Jan-Ove Waldner, Peter Karlsson, and Erik Lindh and so has been an integral part of Sweden’s table-tennis success as a player or coach over the past 40 years.  Stellan’s wife Angie Bengtsson and league founder Shashin Shodhan will round out the coaching team.  Click here for the camp details and sign-up sheet.

  • China Sweeps Worlds!  No other country makes it to the finals of any of the 5 events.  Wang Liqin wins men’s singles over Ma Lin.  Ma Lin and Chen Qi win men’s doubles over Wang Liqin and Wang Hao. Guo Yue wins women’s singles over Li Xiaoxia.  Wang Nan and Zhang Yining win women’s doubles over Guo Yue and Li Xiaoxia.  Wang Liqin and Guo Yue win mixed doubles over Ma Lin and Wang Nan.

  • Jiaqi Zheng wins the Golden State Open with Khoa Nguyen 2nd, Sara Fu 3rd, and James Guo 4th.  Peter Zajac wins the Under 2500 event over Jackie Lee.
  • Follow the World Championships going on in Zagreb, Croatia this week.
  • James Guo wins the Sacramento Open after coming back from down 2-0 in the final against Freddie Gabriel in a very close match.  Freddie Gabriel drops to 0-6 lifetime against James Guo but this match was their closest.  Shashin Shodhan and Misha Kazantsev win the Open Doubles by defeating Freddie Gabriel and Peter Zajac in the finals.  Jiaqi Zheng wins the Women’s Singles event by defeating Sara Fu in the finals.
  • Ariel Hsing was featured in the front page of the main section of the San Jose Mercury News on Tuesday, May 7 after she was flown in a private jet to Nebraska at the shareholders’ meeting of Warren Buffett’s company, Berkshire Hathaway, where she played Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.  Click here to read the article.
  • Barney Reed won the Open Singles at the 2007 Butterfly Northern California Spring Open after coming back from down match point to defeat Freddie Gabriel in the final.  Jiaqi Zheng and Peter Zajac made the semifinals with Auria Malek, Misha Kazantsev, Sean Lee, and Dora Kurimay making the quarterfinals.  Barney Reed and Auria Malek won the Open Doubles over Freddie Gabriel and Misha Kazantsev.  Auria Malek won the Under 2400 event by defeating Peter Zajac in the semifinals and Sean Lee in the finals.  All results are here.
  • Fremont gets its first table-tennis club which is now open to the public and is a USATT-approved club.  Click here for its website with all the information.
  • Next Tournament in Northern California:  The Butterfly Northern California Spring Open will take place on April 14 and 15 at Cal State University, East Bay with at least 30 tables in use.  Click here for the entry form.
  • Nobody’s Perfect?  The Oakland Lions record the first perfect season in league history and are not even stretched to a seventh match in any of their 13 team matches.  They defeat the San Francisco Furies 4-2 in the second leg of the finals to complete a 10-0 regular season and a 3-0 postseason. (Results and Writeup)
  • Freddie Gabriel is named Winter Season 2006-2007 Northern California Table Tennis League MVP.
  • Freddie Gabriel leads the Oakland Lions to victory in their opening finals match with two singles wins and a doubles win without the loss of a game. (Results and Writeup)
  • Current League Players at the National Team Trials in San Diego-  Junior Boys Trials:  Sean Lee and Ankur Patel eliminated in the preliminary round robins.  National Men’s Team Trials:  Freddie Gabriel-5th place, Misha Kazantsev-7th place (qualifies for World Championships as the under 21 years old selection), Shashin Shodhan-11th place, Trevor Runyan and Avishy Schmidt eliminated in preliminary qualifiers.  National Women’s Team Trials:  Jackie Lee-5th place (does not qualify for Worlds because of Gao Jun’s automatic selection due to her top 10 world ranking so Lee is 6th with the inclusion of Gao), Ariel Hsing-9th place, Atha Fong-10th place.
  • Misha Kazantsev carries San Francisco on his shoulders and leads the Furies to a 4-2 upset of the Concord Cheetahs.  It’s Oakland vs San Francisco in the league finals.  (Results and Writeup)
  • Despite the absence of their ace Freddie Gabriel, Oakland looks as dominant as with him in the lineup with a 4-0 shutout of Mountain view to open the playoffs.  (Results and Writeup)
  • Jiaqi Zheng, who played for the same team in Beijing as World #1 Zhang Yining, wins Open Singles and Open Doubles at the Sacramento Spring Open and had a 10-6 lead in the fifth game against Sara Fu in the Women’s Singles Final before losing 12-10 in the decider.
  • Eric Owens wins the 2007 Western Open with a 4-1 win over finalist James Guo.  Owens upset defending champion Stefan Feth in the semi-finals and Guo defeated Khoa Nguyen, Freddie Gabriel, Barney Reed, and Trevor Runyan along the way.
  • Concord becomes the first team to play a double-header and manages to win both matches with the first one at San Francisco (Results and Writeup) and the second one at Fremont (Results and Writeup).   Concord will be the #2 seed in the playoffs.
  • M & M.  Malek and Morsing lead Palo Alto to its second victory of the season over playoff-bound San Francisco.  (Results and Writeup Coming Soon)
  • The Furies move into second place and inch closer to a home playoff game with a 4-1 win at Palo Alto.  (Results and Writeup)
  • The Mountain View Marauders end their season with a shutout.  Unfortunately, they were on the wrong end of it as the San Francisco Furies win 4-0 at their new home in Burlingame.  (Results and Writeup)
  • The San Francisco Furies home venue will now be the Peninsula Table Tennis Club in Burlingame.
  • Fremont suffers another shutout loss, this time at the hands of the Concord Cheetahs.  (Results and Writeup)
  • With only one loss until this weekend, Mountain View has two more team losses and did not win one singles match this past weekend.  They fall to Furies newcomer Misha Kazantsev and company 4-1.  (Results and Writeup)
  • In the battle of league leaders, the Oakland Lions stamp their authority in the league with a convincing shutout of the Mountain View Marauders.  (Results and Writeup)
  • The South Bay defeats the North Bay 3-2 in the All-Star Game in Oakland led by a singles and doubles win by the South Bay’s Shashin Shodhan.  In the future stars match, Ariel Hsing defeats Lily Zhang 3-0.  (Results and Writeup)
  • The All-Star Game matches that will take place are the following:  Sara Fu (South Bay) vs Jackie Lee (North Bay), Joey Hu (South Bay) vs Kock Loe (North Bay), Shashin Shodhan/Sean Lee (South Bay) vs Freddie Gabriel/James Therriault (North Bay), Ariel Hsing vs Lily Zhang (Future Stars Match), Shashin Shodhan (South Bay) vs James Therriault (North Bay), Sean Lee (South Bay) vs Freddie Gabriel (North Bay)
  • With Freddie Gabriel being a last-minute cancellation for Oakland and Shashin Shodhan being one for Fremont due to a minor knee injury during warm-up, Oakland defeats Fremont 4-1 to move to 8-0 while dropping Fremont to 1-7.  (Results and Writeup)
  • Furies newcomer Misha Kazantsev wins in his season debut but the Oakland Lions seem to be the kings of this league season.  (Results and Writeup)
  • ESPN2’s schedule for table-tennis in January is the following: Friday, January 12 from 4:00 PM to 4:30 PM, Sunday, January 14 from 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM, Tuesday, January 16 from 11:30 PM to 1:30 AM, Wednesday, January 17 from 10:00 PM to 12:00 AM
  • Oakland and James Guo stay unbeaten.  However, Guo was going against Oakland and his team, Palo Alto, lost 4-2.  Guo won both his singles matches moving his league singles record to 12-0 spanning the past two seasons to remain the only top league player to be undefeated in singles.  Guo moves to 4-0 lifetime against Gabriel who is 18-0 against everyone else over the past two seasons.  Oakland moves to 6-0 this season. (Results and Writeup)
  • The Mountain View Marauders defeat the Fremont Flash for the second time this season and with a score of 4-2 for the second time this season.  (Results and Writeup)
  • Brand New!  Mountain View uses three team members who had not played a singles match uptil the match for the second time this weekend.  However, the Concord Cheetahs get their revenge with a 4-0 home shutout of Mountain View with the loss of only one game two days after their 4-3 loss to the Marauders at Mountain View.  All nine Mountain View team members have played a singles match now. (Results and Writeup)
  • Still Perfect.  Avishy Schmidt and Parry Husbands carry the Oakland Lions to another convincing victory to keep their unbeaten record. (Results and Writeup)
  • Humiliation Slashed by the Flash!  Shashin Shodhan and Praful Bhaidasna lead the Fremont Flash to their first victory of the season and slash all talk of a winless season .  (Results and Writeup)
  • The Mountain View Marauders defeat the Concord Cheetahs 4-3 with three team members who had not played a singles match this season uptil this point. (Results and Writeup)
  • Misha Kazantsev is taking this spring semester off from USC and will be playing for the San Francisco Furies for the rest of this season.
  • Northern California Players Excel at the 2006 US Nationals:  Oakland’s Jackie Lee wins the girls 21 and under title.  Palo Alto’s Ariel Hsing wins the 13 and under girls title.  Palo Alto’s Lily Zhang wins the 10 and under girls title.  Ariel Hsing and Lily Zhang finish 1-2 in the cadet girls national team trials.  Mountain View’s Atha Fong makes the junior girls national team.  Palo Alto’s Wayne Lo wins the Paralympics Class 8 singles title.  Oakland’s Parry Husbands wins the Under 2000 title.  Former league sponsor Alpha Pong owner Dave Hanson wins the Under 1400 and 1500 titles.  Fremont’s Amit Patel wins the Under 1200 event.
  • The Lions from Oakland roar to another victory over Concord in what was described as an “awesome match.”  Five of the six matches go the full five games with the only other match going deuce in the fourth. (Results and Writeup Coming Soon)
  • Flash News!  The San Francisco Furies send the Fremont Flash to 0-5 at this half-way point of their winter season. (Results and Writeup)
  • Blanked again!  The Mountain View Marauders shut out the Palo Alto Assassins 4-0 for the second time this league season. (Results and Writeup)
  • Team Nicknames Are Finally Here:  Palo Alto Assassins, Mountain View Marauders, Fremont Flash, Oakland Lions, Concord Cheetahs, San Francisco Furies.
  • The first-ever US Nationals Warm-Up Tournament for Northern California will take place on December 9/10 in Oakland.  Click here for the entry form!
  • Is Oakland the team to beat?  Oakland cruises to another victory and has yet to be stretched to the 7th and final match in their 3 victories. (Results and Writeup)
  • The San Francisco Furies are unable to take advantage of a Philip Lim-less Concord team and fall 4-1. (Results and Writeup)
  • In the cellar-dwellar battle, Palo Alto keeps Fremont winless with a 4-2 win at home. (Results and Writeup)
  • Concord’s James Therriault nearly steals the show at Oakland with a win over Jackie Lee and a 3-0 loss to Freddie Gabriel where he has game points in 2 of the 3 games.  (Results and Writeup)
  • Freddie Gabriel wins the first-place $2,000 check at the Pacific Rim Open in Portland with a 4-0 finals win over 2004 US Olympic Team Member Mark Hazinski.
  • Sean Lee stays undefeated in league play in 2006 with 3-1 victories over Fremont’s Shashin Shodhan and Tuan Anh Nguyen to put himself on top of the team, singles, and doubles standings.  (Results and Writeup)
  • The battle of James:  James Guo lights up the Palo Alto Table Tennis Club with his forehand loops and defeats the showman James Therriault on his way to winning both his singles matches convincingly.  However, those were the only 2 wins for Palo Alto against a Concord Team led by Philip Lim.  (Results and Writeup)
  • Freddie Gabriel and Jackie Lee account for all 4 Oakland wins in their season opener over Fremont.  Fremont drops to 0-2 in league play. (Results and Writeup)
  • Trevor Runyan wins the Concord Cup Youth tourney.
  • Team Effort:  All 4 San Francisco players get a win and ruin Fremont’s league debut with a 4-2 win at Fremont.  (Results and Writeup)
  • Pounding Palo Alto!  Mountain View eases through the first match of this new season winning all 12 games played against Palo Alto.  (Results and Writeup)
  • A tentative schedule for the winter season is up and ready.  Let the games begin!
  • Killerspin will be the equipment sponsor for our league and our league will likely get a feature on ESPN.  Our league all-star game and regular season highlights will also likely be on Fox Sports Bay Area (which reaches 4 million homes in Northern California) during a weekend afternoon.
  • The Jiang Jialiang exhibition draws over 1,000 spectators.  Jiang defeats 10-year old phenom Lily Zhang 11-4.  Then Jiang and his men’s doubles partner lose to Shashin Shodhan and Sean Lee 11-9 and Jiang and his mixed doubles partner lose to Shashin Shodhan and Lily Zhang 12-10.  Jiang was…cough…cough…trying his hardest.  Jiang provides commmentary to the crowd between matches and is mobbed for pictures and autographs at the end of the exhibition.
  • 1985 and 1987 World Men’s Singles Champion and 1983, 1985, 1987 World Men’s Team Champion Jiang Jialiang of China will perform an exhibition this Sunday, August 13 from 12-1.  Jiang Jialiang was as or possibly even more famous than the biggest movie stars in China in the 1980s.  The exhibition will take place at 1800 H Street in Union City in the basketball gym of James Logan High School.  Top Northern California players Barney Reed and Shashin Shodhan and 10-year old phenom Lily Zhang will play against Jiang.  There is free admission.