Spring Time in Texas

Finally we got lots of rain and then some sun and the plants have kind of exploded on us. Perfect timing too as Race For the Cure is this weekend and our after race party is going to be held in the back yard. I took some pics of our lovely plants. We start on the front porch with this awesome red plant I bought from the horticulture dept at school. Then there is our frog and his flowers. And finally these guys are doing great there on the front porch. The back yard is looking good too. If you look close you can our first peach. This is a pic of the rose in the back. We planted tomatoes, onions, cilantro and jalapenos in the garden this year. We call it our “salsa” garden. Last but not least, our red oak we planted two years ago is doing very well.


This may be too much information for some of you but i finally lost a toenail. It feels much better but not too attractive in sandals! It is almost a relief so i can start growing a new one. Wonder if it will come back another color or texture as my hair did after the first time i lost it?!?! It really freaked my four year old out (the nail loss) but we had a great lesson about regrowth. Just like a teacher to make it a learning experience.