Styles of Crust used by Dominos Pizza

Hand tossed, deep dish, thin or Brooklyn, what crust will you choose on your next Domino’s Pizza? Domino’s Pizza offers four styles of crusts for your pizza enjoyment, which just may put Domino’s Pizza in the lead as far as crust variety goes. Variety in crust types is important to m ost pizza fans, as most have a preference to crust thickness and texture. Read on to discover the differences between the crusts available at Domino’s Pizza.

The first type of crust offered is the Classic Hand Tossed. According to it is “the traditional, hand-engineered crust that started it all”. As the name implies this is the original Domino’s Pizza crust, used exclusively since the franchise’s founding in 1960 to the late 80s when other crust styles were introduced in response to competition. The classic hand tossed crust is just what you picture when you think of Domino’s Pizza, not too thick, not too thin, with the right balance between crunchy and chewy.

The next type of Domino’s Pizza crust is the Ultimate Deep Dish crust, which in the words of Domino’s Pizza is “manufactured thick to support potential topping overload”. this is a thicker crust, but it is by no means to be confused with a true Chicago deep dish pizza. It is a good crust, however, and has less of the greasy crispiness of the Pizza Hut deep dish variety.

The third Domino’s Pizza crust variety is the Crunchy Thin Crust, “precisely thin enough for the optimum crispy to crunchy ratio”. This thin, crispy crust is sure to delight true fans of a thin crust pizza. It is not as filling as a thicker crust pizza, but this crust would be a true contender in the St. Louis Style pizza wars, the only missing element is the trademark provolone cheese.

The fourth style of domino’s pizza crust is the Brooklyn style “specifically engineered to be big, thin, and perfectly foldable”. This crust is a compromise between the hand tossed and the thin crispy crust. It is not at all crispy, it is floppy actually, and the oversize cut pieces are designed to be folded in half. I’m not so sure that a true Brooklynite would give up his local slice of “pie”, but this is a fun marketing ploy, and a passable tasting crust.

All in all Domino’s continues to retain it’s market leading status for being on the cutting edge of pizza trends, able to reinvent pizza for what the market demands. These four crust varieties speak to this, and keep people coming back to Domino’s over and over again.