Sugar with a Flavor Boost

Muscovado sugar is sugar that is lightly refined. It is dark in color and has a high degree of moisture content. It is sometimes referred as Barbados sugar, moist sugar, or raw dark sugar. It is considered a specialty sugar, so may not be in your neighborhood market, but they can order it in. It something you may want to try.

This is a cane sugar that is made by pressing the sugar cane. The purpose of the pressing is to release the sweet juices from the cane. Lime juice and coconut milk are often added to the juices from the cane. The cane sugar is then cooked lightly.  During this quick cook, impurities rise to the top in a froth and are scooped off.  The sugar is then allowed to dry. After it is dry the muscovado is ready to break apart and package. Even though the sugar is allowed to dry, it has a very high moisture content and is often sticky.

Muscovado sugar has a very deep and strong flavor. It has been described with the a lot of adjectives like, smoky, spicy, strong molasses, deep caramel, distinctive, and just plain good. There are many different things than muscovado sugar can be used for.

Facial scrub

Natural facial scrubs are a healthy indulgence. Since muscovado sugar has coarse texture, it works great in a scrub. There are many different combinations. This one is simple and works well. Empty a chamomile tea bag into your food processor and grind it down to a powder. Mix chamomile tea powder, ½ cup muscovado sugar, 1 teaspoon olive oil and any essential oils if you wish. Mix it lightly to retain the coarse texture. Apply to a damp face and rub in circles. Wash off. This can be stored in an airtight jar for 2 weeks.


Cooking with muscovado sugar or using it in place of dark brown sugar is an obvious choice.  The flavor is definitely different and it can add a new dimension to a current recipe or you can try some new ones.

For those who believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and dessert is the most fun, this is great recipe for you. These chocolate pancakes made with light muscovado sugar are a treat. You can’t have a breakfast like this everyday, but it’s good to splurge occasionally.

This blueberry sauce is very versatile and can be used for many different things. Once you make up a batch you can serve it on pancakes, shortcakes and in smoothies. It keeps well behind the bar and can be used to spruce up many drinks. Let your imagination soar.

This is not your average carrot cake. The muscovado sugar brings it to a whole new level. It is not only part of the cake, but part of the cream cheese frosting  as well. It is an easy way to immerse yourself in deep and rich flavor.

Clearly this can be used as a one ingredient change for any recipe calling for brown sugar to change up the taste a little. It is fun to experiment with something that is as simple as changing out one ingredient. Get yourself some muscovado sugar and try some scrubs and recipes.