Summer picnic essentials

Summertime is ideal for enjoying picnics in the great outdoors with significant others. Picnics are a fun way to share happy memories together, and they should be carefree and relaxing for all. A little planning and preparation is required to ensure that everyone can enjoy the experience. Whilst a few simple basics will be sufficient for a picnic, there are some essentials that can make all the difference.

Here is a checklist of must-have summer picnic essentials:

Picnic supplies

The picnic bag can be packed in advance ready for picnicking throughout summer. A large picnic blanket is a must, as this provides a place to sit or it can be used as a table cover. A basic first aid kit containing high factor sunscreen and insect repellent is vital for safety and well-being. Hand wipes and sanitizer are ideal for cleaning hands prior to eating, and for clean-ups. Ensure to pack a couple of trash bags to be able to keep trash together for easy disposal. Pack a few outdoor games such as bats, balls, kites or a Frisbee.

Serving utensils

Pack the serving utensils the night before and no earlier to ensure that they are fresh. A few basics are required even when finger foods are on the menu, as there may be items that require cutting. Pack at least one knife and one spoon, as these are often useful. Plastic picnic supplies are preferable, as these can be used time and time again, which is cost effective, and better for the planet. Pack plastic serving utensils including cutlery, plates, cups, a bottle opener and corkscrew if required.

Picnic supplies

Pack basic picnic supplies in advance so they are ready-to-go, making planning for a picnic a breeze, and to save precious time. This makes it easier to focus on packing a scrumptious picnic, as everything else is already packed and ready to go. Use a cool box and freezer ice packs to keep food chilled. Tupperware tubs are ideal for keeping food fresh and keeping pests away. Food and drink aplenty is required, as it is impossible to have too much. Pack non-perishable foods that will be ideal for snacking on later. In addition, take a camera and an umbrella for shade or shelter.

Having a picnic checklist is an easy way to ensure that nothing is left behind. Being prepared and organized can make the experience more enjoyable. Picnics create happy memories that will be treasured forever. Enjoy a picnic in the summer sun.