Sweat Guards

Many people who sweat excessively will find that using antiperspirants alone do not keep their clothing from becoming drenched, and so sweat guards are a great option.  Sweat guards go underneath a persons clothing to prevent embarrassing and uncomfortable wetness.  Sweat guards are available for purchase at several online retailers and also at sporting goods stores.

Sweat guards can be disposable or washable.  Washable sweat guards would be ideal for those who would wear the sweat guards daily.  Disposable sweat guards might be better for those who would only need to wear the sweat guards occasionally.  Washable sweat guards are usually held in place by elastic straps that go over a persons arm.  Disposable sweat guards are held in place by an adhesive that sticks the sweat guard to a persons garment.

A person can purchase clothing with underarm sweat guards already built in.  The styles of clothing with built in sweat guards offered are usually athletic shirts, but there are dress shirts that have sweat guards built in already as well.  Underarm sweat guards are the most common, but there are also collar sweat guards available.  Ring around the collar is the term for a sweat stained collar, so the collar sweat guards prevent this from occurring.

Sweat guards are hypo-allergenic and very discreet.  Sweat guards will help a person save money since they will not have to spend as much on their dry cleaning bills.  Sweating is not uncommon in many people, and while sweat guards are not a cure for sweating, sweat guards can help a person feel more confident.

Sweat guards are inexpensive and easy to be found for purchase.  The choice of purchasing washable or disposable sweat guards is dependant upon each person.  Most of the time a person who sweats excessively does so everyday, so washable sweat guards will not only help save money, but will also help save the environment.  Disposable sweat guards might be better for someone who only needs to use the sweat guards occasionally.  Clothing with built in sweat guards can be purchased online or at various sporting goods stores as well.  Often times a person might associate excessive sweating as a problem for males only, but women experience this problem commonly as well.  Sweat guards for men are often larger since men usually have bigger builds, and sweat guards for women tend to be a bit smaller.  The washable sweat guards for women will usually have an arm strap, and/or a strap that attaches to a bra also.