Thai Grajiab Tod Recipe

Thai food is known for its spicy and flavorful seasonings. The grajiab tod side dish or even meal is just that! The name may sound different, but grajiab tod is actually fried okra! Its a very popular side dish to curry and rice in Thailand and can even be eaten as a snack as well. They can even be made very mild, mid spicy or extra hot! There is no right or wrong way to enjoy them as a serving. It can be made very very simple in fact, it can be made in just a half hour, so its especially great to surprise guests with. Here’s a list of ingredients for this ethnic cuisine.

One half cup of water

One half cup of tapioca flavor flour

A pound of okra

One third of a cup of flour

A tablespoon of baking powder

Some cooking oil

Mixing bowl

Frying Pan

Take out your mixing bowl, mix both the tapioca flour and the regular flour, very evenly. When its all mixed together, drop your okra in the bowl. Mix your okra will with your flour by tossing and turning it into the bowl. Now its time to heat up your frying pan on regular heat on the stove. Test how hot your frying pan is by dropping some oil on it, if it sizzles, its time to batter your floured okra with the oil gently.

After you’ve battered the front, the back and the sides, its time to drop them in your skillet. You have to fry them until they turn into a nice golden brown color, which can be achieved in about five to ten minutes. You’ll have to drain the oil from them as well, or else they may get a little too messy and you want them to be dry! After you’re through with that you’re done! They should be served right away since they’re delicious toasty and hot.

These are great to used as dippers for hot chili sauce or just your standard soy sauce. They’re excellent with chili powder sprinkled on top of them as well if you’d like them hot and spicy. Remember if you’re wanting to reheat them do not put them in the microwave, this will make the okra very soggy and definitely not as delicious. You’ll have to heat them in the oven at low heat.

Deep fried okra is a great Thai food tradition and will add flavor as an appetizer to any dish.