The Advantages of Working in a Coffee Shop

If you are considering working in a coffee shop, then there are some things you really need to know before filling out that application. These things are the many benefits to being a barista. Yes, the benefits far outweigh any bad points. Besides, there are no bad points to working around coffee (unless you dislike coffee).

Coffee education

If you take a job as a barista because you love coffee, then the next natural step would be to learn as much as possible about it. Working as a barista allows you the opportunity to learn how to properly roast, grind and serve this most delicious beverage. Learning how to grind coffee can be an extremely rewarding task in itself. Just imagine the rich aroma of those freshly ground beans, so yummy. Aside from the awesome aroma, you will learn the significance of the grind for each type of coffee. You will also be learning what goes into each delicious specialty coffee. All of this valuable information, plus getting paid to be around coffee! What could be better? Well, getting to sample different coffees is even better, but that is a topic for a different day.


Working in a coffee shop can offer up ample opportunities for being creative with coffee drink mixtures. You can even serve customers their steaming beverage with a little creative flare (chocolate sprinkles, whipped cream that resembles a scoop of ice cream, etc.). Who knows, you might be able to come up with a winning flavor combination that will become your shop’s next big hit!

The customers

After you have worked at a coffee shop for awhile, you will get to know the regular customers. Some of these nice people can become friends (especially after you start remembering what each one orders each day). You can learn a lot about coffee, people and even the world by simply having friendly conversations with your customers. For your regular customers, getting your fast and friendly service can brighten their day. Some regulars look forward to sitting in their favorite coffee shop, drinking their favorite brew and talking to happy and helpful baristas. 


When you are fortunate enough to work with people who are as passionate about coffee as you are, then the workday is even better. You have the chance to make lasting friendships and bond over coffee! That is like one of the most ideal workplace environments ever. You can learn from your coworkers and they can learn from you. Sharing a common interest in the job itself helps promote a happy and productive workplace. 

The joy of coffee is a good enough reason to want to work in a coffee shop. The advantages of being a barista are unique to each one; and that just adds to charm and enthusiasm of being one. When you “boil” it all down, the best part of working in a coffee shop is the people. Sure you can enjoy a great cup of Joe alone, but who really wants to?