Up all night

Yesterday Dori got a dose of Herceptin and some kind of steroid. She was hoping not to get the steroid because it keeps her up all night but she ended up getting it anyway. I happened to awake from my slumber at about 2:30 am and she was not in bed. This is pretty typical of what happens the night after she gets that stuff. This morning I noticed she had worked some on the prep for Tait’s birthday cake and the book she is reading was downstairs so I guess she read and worked most of the night. A while back I ranted about one the main evils of chemo being the time it steals from you. Being up all night is one example of that, I’m sure Dori will have a wonderful day today after being up all night…and Tait is off from school today too. I’m sure she is loving it today.


Dori’s latest chemo treatment is something called CPT11. It is pretty new and I have not been able to find much info on it. She has had a few treatments so far (she gets chemo every Thursday morning) and so far nothing spectacular to report. She has the usual lack of energy, not feeling 100%, etc. But she did mow our backyeard yesterday so that is pretty impressive – even if she was completely wore out afterwards. The change to CPT11 was triggered by the fact that her last set of scans showed some new spots in her chest and ab area along with some growth in the spots on her liver. It was not the best news but the hope is that this new drug will work wonders. -fingers crossed-

Been Awhile

Actually, Dori has kind of stopped blogging so I am going to pick it up and go. I am JE, the husband. I don’t care if one person reads this at all, it will give me some place to spew out my thoughts so here is goes!