Walk or Run for Weight Loss

Walking and running are excellent forms of cardiovascular activity.

They are free and require nothing more than willing legs to carry you.

Coupled with proper nutrition, walking or running can help to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle.

These activities can play a huge role meeting your in weight-loss goals.

Get Equipped
1. Walkers and runners will need a minimal amount of equipment to get started.

Shoes are the most important. They should be quality walking or running shoes with lots of support and cushioning.

If you plan to run more than 10 miles a week, you may want to look into getting fitted at a running specialty store for shoes that will best serve your foot strike. This can help prevent injury and maximize shoe comfort.

Music players and hand weights are also items that can help to take your mind off of the monotony and keep you moving toward weight loss.

The hand weights will offer some upper body resistance that aids in strengthening the core and increasing the sweat.

A sturdy water bottle designed for walking or running is essential. Hydration is important to keeping your energy at its peak, and helps to regulate your body temperature.

Get Creative to Stay Motivated
2. Motivation is essential to your weight-loss success. If you are a person who needs people to keep them on track, enlist a walking or running buddy. You can schedule times to work out together.

You can also join a local walking or running group which offers free group walks or runs. This is a great way to meet like-minded individuals who will offer words of encouragement and empathize with your struggles. Read the rest of this entry »